How I Create Pinterest Photos That Go Viral
Pinterest drives the most traffic to my site. Over the last few months, I doubled my followers and tripled my traffic from Pinterest. When I know something is sort of working, I dive in and figure out how I can maximize it to the fullest extent. This video I recorded for my team a few months back to teach them how to create Pinterest pins themselves. The truth is that I don’t create them anymore, my team does. But, everything I delegate in my business, I learn how to do first. Today, you get to go behind the scenes and see the video I recorded for my team on how to create Pinterest photos.
My team took my training and then ran with it making our CCG pins even better than I could do myself and tripling our traffic from Pinterest in just a few months. This video will give you the introduction video if you are just getting started to creating Pinterest photos. Please run with it, though. Start pinning, monitor your analytics and improve as you go. See what works and do it over and over again. That will be your key to Pinterest success.
I am going to show you how I create photos for free for Pinterest and some of the tricks I have learned. I use picmonkey.com. For every article I do, we have a featured image but I also want a larger image.
Remember, batch the time you do these pins. I always do social media scheduling once per week rather than every single day.

How I Create Pinterest Photos That Go Viral

1. Create a Private Pinterest Inspiration Board

The first step is to create a secret board on Pinterest. Start pinning examples that you’d like to create yourself. You have to get inspired and know what you are trying to model first.

2. Create Your Pin Template

I recommend creating a pin template that you can just pull up quickly every time you are creating pins. This will help you be more efficient and it will help you stay on brand. For example, we have a template that already has classycareergirl.com written on it that is already in the right size. We love using 735X1102 because it is a taller image that does really well and stands out on Pinterest.

3. Create a Great Title

It’s truly about the title of the content and what the photos say. If you nail the title, you will get traffic on Pinterest. Spend a ton of time on the title. Ask for help. Come up with 5 titles and narrow them down. Review Pinterest for ideas.

4. Get Great Photos.

I highly recommend going to Target and spending $25 on some fun office supplies that match your website colors and branding. Get some white poster board at Target, grab your phone and take some pictures from your house. You can always touch up your colors when you get it on your computer. You can also use free photo sites like pexels.com and picjumbo.com. Pictures are so important for Pinterest so make them great!

5. Add In Your Font.

Picmonkey has a lot of great options for font. As you can see from the video above, it’s super easy to add fun fonts to your photos.

6. Check your Analytics Constantly

What works? What doesn’t? Repeat what works.
Bonus tip: Make sure you add your URL to the description of your Pinterest photos! This will get you more links to your website because the pinner doesn’t have to open up the picture on the homepage and can just click your link to take them directly to your site.

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