The 7 Best Personal Development Tips to Guarantee Success
The clients in our courses are always asking for some help getting a quick start for their personal development. So I wanted to share with you what I have learned that will help you get a quick start and up level your career and personal success faster than you ever thought possible!
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Here are the 7 best personal development tips to guarantee success:

1. Just show up.

Participate in our community Facebook group. The more you put in, the more you will get out of this program. Help others. Ask questions. There are no dumb questions. This is your time. Being a successful entrepreneur or leader involves taking risks and not being afraid to fail. Get involved wherever you can.

2. Ask for help.

You can’t do this alone. If you are stuck, just ask. Get the fast track. I am here for you. I check in on our private Facebook group daily (if not hourly sometimes, I do love you!). We will make sure you get your question answered and that you are headed on the right track.

3. Take imperfect action.

Don’t try to be perfect! Take more action than just thinking about your dream career or business. Take small baby steps. If I hadn’t taken baby steps 6 years ago, my business wouldn’t be where it is right now. So try to take small baby steps every single day.

4. Block out your calendar now.

Add personal development online trainings and reading time to your calendar right now. Block it off. Wake up earlier if you have to. Remember small 20 minute chunks of focus time can definitely add up when you are focused on the RIGHT activities for your new business or career.

5. Focus on one thing at a time.

Make a time weekly to prioritize your to-do list and make a list of ONLY 6 items that are your priorities for the week. Don’t get bogged down with 30 items on your daily to-do list. Just one thing at a time.

6. Start saying NO more.

What isn’t matching the new you that you are becoming. What do you have to say no to? Saying no is OK, it’s a complete sentence. You need to protect your time right now. The difference between the successful and the very successful is that the very successful say no to almost everything.

7. Model what’s already out there.

You don’t have to create something from scratch. You can do research and see how others are already making money and then see how you can add your personal touch and uniqueness. If others are already in careers that you want, you know it is possible. Get to know them, talk to them and seek all the advice you can!
Alright, so now it’s time to get started! I hope you enjoyed these 7 personal development tips that will guarantee your success. Come back to them often and make sure you are practicing them everyday!

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