Part-Time Problem: How Do I Ask For Full Time Work and Benefits?

Dear Classy Career Girl,

I’m working full-time hours but I am classified under “part time,” so I’m not getting benefits. My boss said that he doesn’t want to change my status in case the workload changes and I go back to working part time hours. I don’t see us getting any less work. I’ve been working here since January, and have been working full time hours since around the end of April. So, how do I approach him to ask for full-time status?

Thank you!


How to Ask For Full-Time Benefits

Dear Part-Timer,
Wow, I am shocked that you have been working full-time hours and he hasn’t made you full-time yet. I honestly didn’t think that was even legal. I really don’t know anything about the law of all of this (and it might vary based on the employment laws in your state), but I would definitely look into it if I were you. That is truly not fair for you to be working full time and not getting paid for what your work and benefits, etc.
I would do a couple things:
  1. Ask myself if this is really the right job and company for me. It seems like they are taking advantage of their employees. Might be time to start looking for a job that appreciates you.
  2. Only work part-time hours and have him see how much he really needs you to be full time. If you are already working full-time hours, then why would he make you full-time?
    He needs to see the benefit of changing your work status to full-time. You could tell him that if he refuses to make you full-time, you have to use your other half of the time finding somewhere else to work that will offer you benefits. You can explain to him why benefits are really important to you right now and maybe that would help him understand better? Maybe he just doesn’t even realize what he is doing to you?
  3. Find someone in the legal profession to talk to about this. It just doesn’t seem right for him to be doing this to you.

Make Sure You Are Prepared

As far as talking to him directly, make sure you are prepared. Have everything all ready to go before you go in and talk to him. Know the laws and tell him what you want and what you will do if he doesn’t give you what you want.

Make Your Case

Also, think of it from his perspective, why is he holding out? Is it because of money? If you can try to get to the bottom of what is holding him back, you can try to convince him better to make you full-time.  For instance, you will actually be more efficient if you know you are there full-time every day so it will save him money. Or, you can actually get more done if you have benefits because you will be healthier which will save him money.
Hope this helps! Keep in touch and let me know!

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