10 Worth-It Parent Moments You Don’t Want To Miss
“I must have done something right.” Every parent dreams of the day when these words get to be spoken. It is the absolute fulfillment of a lifelong dream.
Parents have tough moments, however. When kids run around the house breaking everything that gets in the way and throwing tantrums over the silliest things, it is easy to just lose it. Modern parenting certainly has unique challenges. In a fast-paced world, kids are becoming increasingly impatient. The wired generation makes it hard to get up from the couch to throw and catch an actual ball. Some argue that kids today feel irrationally entitled.
But throughout the day, there are those moments that you wouldn’t trade for the world. It could be difficult looking for a needle in a haystack, especially if the whining and hyperactivity practically sum up your entire day. But, in between the bouts of craziness are proud parent moments that are more than enough to convince you that you indeed have the best job in the world.

10 Little Moments That Make Parents Say “I Love It!”

1. Giggles and Snuggles

Children have the most contagious laughs. When you hear them giggle, all is suddenly well. How can a parent be grumpy when they hear their child laugh? A dose of giggles surely is a parent’s best medicine.
And then comes the snuggles. When you’re in bed or on the couch and they suddenly squeeze their tiny bodies to be next to you, you just wish that the world stops for a while. These are the moments you don’t want to end.

2. Little Mommy Helpers

At a time when most kids would bury their faces on a screen, getting them to help with the chores is a big deal. When you are raising kids in a condo without a helper, you would need to teach kids to put their toys in the box, help sort clothes by color, and water plants in the balcony. Kids like being busy and it is always a good time to teach them to make good use of their time.

3. Awww, Sibling Love

Welcoming a new bundle of joy is tricky for most parents. How do you tell your toddler that he is going to be a big brother soon? How do you tell him that now he has to share toys, share attention, and share some of the responsibility in the process?
But one day, you see your child humming a tune to put his baby brother to sleep. One day, you see your toddler teaching the baby to do things with hands or making faces just to see the baby smile. Those moments makes you want to shed a happy tear, right?

4. When Kids Say “Please

Children today are exposed to all sorts of media. And you know that TV is not necessarily the best teacher. This is another modern parenting challenge that parents face. How do you raise kids with good manners?
So when they ask for a “napkin, please” or “pass the bowl, please” you give yourself a silent tap on the shoulder. As your heart is skipping a beat, they say “thank you.” No questions, day made.

5. Lets Play, Mom

Modern parents are mostly busy. And they are always tired. So when their kids ask them to play with them, it is common for them to beg off. But, one of the modern parenting lessons every young parent has to realize is that kids don’t stay kids forever. They grow up so fast and you wonder where have all the years gone by.
The beauty of raising your kids in a condo community is that you can play with kids outdoors in a controlled environment. There’s an expansive play field and a playground for all those play dates. You may also play with them indoors and help them dress a Barbie or form a Lego truck. Be honored that kids still want to hang out with you because sooner or later, you are no longer as cool as they thought you were.
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6. Little Milestones

The first time they tied their shoe laces, went to the bathroom alone, and put on their socks — don’t you feel like you are the best parent ever? How did you get them to do that? These are proud parent moments that feel as good as landing that multi-million account at work.

7. Studded With Stars

“Mom, I got three stars.”

Toddlers who have started schooling are very thrilled about getting those stars. And don’t deny it, you too are. Knowing that he is doing well in school and enjoying it is such a relief. And when your toddler flashes the stamped stars in his hands, you just know that he is going to be a great success one day. Heck, he could be president!

8. Thats My Baby!

At some point in a child’s life, he or she will make everyone swoon over flashes of brilliance. Your child may be included in the honor roll, sing on stage, lead a dance number, do a piano recital, or win a spelling bee contest. One of the eternally useful tips when raising kids is that you be the most supportive mother or father through all this. When all other parents start congratulating you, you just know that you produced the modern world’s Einstein.

9. Being Kind to Others

This takes a whole new level of parenting magic. When you learn that your kid shares his lunch with a classmate who has no money to buy food, when your child volunteers to take part in a tree-planting activity, when he draws a funny picture to make someone happy, or when he saves his allowance to donate to unfortunate children — you just know that you did something right.

10. “I Love You

When your kid says: “I love you, mom” or “I love you, dad,” you feel like you have just won the lottery. It is the best feeling in the world. A child showing appreciation of the things you do for them gives parents the absolute joy.
Parenting is a tough act. When someone puts their life in your hands, you know can’t mess up. But at some point, you will. And it’s going to be okay. Just look back at the little things that made you feel like a giant. Look back at those precious moments that make everything worth your every while.

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