How to Handle Holiday Overwhelm in 10 Easy Steps
As the holidays approach, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and burned out with family gatherings, covering for others at the office, traffic at the malls, and so on.
When we go about our busy lives, remember to take a moment to take a step back for breathing room. On the energetic level, when the mind quiets, insight develops. In the absence of distraction, we can connect to ourselves and hear ourselves think. It is time to reduce overwhelm.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed, take a look at these ten suggestions to help you recharge and gain clarity:

1. Worry Less

Having a hard time sleeping? Did you know the biggest reason for insomnia is worrying about insomnia? Did you know your body gets almost the same rest when you lie still in bed as it would if you were sleeping?

2. Think While You Eat

Try eating one of your meals without a newspaper, book, or the TV in front of you. Just you and your meal. This helps us be more mindful when we eat to reduce overwhelm.

3. Reduce Sugar Intake

So tough! But little by little each day, just like with #2, mindful steps of consuming fewer sweets will help you rely less on sugar to fuel your days which has a big impact on stress and overwhelm.

4. Get (and Stay) Active.

Whether it’s yoga, cycling, or dancing, try to make working out a routine in your schedule.

5. Take Comfort in Being Present

Even starting your day off with 1 minute of meditating will do wonders for your mental and energetic clarity! If you don’t have time in the morning, you can still take a moment out of any part of your day to be present.

6. Have Self-Compassion

What is one thing you can treat yourself to today that will bring you joy? What is one thing you can forgive yourself for? Are there any self-criticisms that you’ve been replaying to yourself?

7. Listen to Your Intuition

This one goes hand in hand with #5. When you are still, your intuition gets louder. When we don’t listen to our gut, we get stuck in a rut.

8.Invest in What Makes You Happy

Align your time by prioritizing it around with what inspires you. There’s an art to staying inspired, and it’s simple!

9. Learn Something New

Hopefully, you are learning new things from reading this article or diving into the care packages and freebies!

10. Set a Small Goal or Start a Mini-Project

Having a small goal with a beginning, middle, and end helps give our mental mind something to focus on and reduces the likelihood of negative self-talk to creep in. By giving the mental mind a project (like a puzzle or cleaning out a kitchen drawer), we are also our energy to recharge.

**Bonus: Journal**

If you have a lot on your mind, get all your thoughts down on paper in a journal. Writing out all that is on your mind will give your emotions an outlet. After a week of daily writing, you’ll begin to notice a sense of mental, emotional, and energetic clarity as your mind declutters.
May you enjoy all the silver linings this holiday season has to offer!

How Do You Reduce Overwhelm in Your Life?

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