Moving Beyond Being Stuck In the Overwhelm and Into a New Career with Diane Alianiello
Today I am excited to introduce you to our next guest who had to completely change her career because her entire industry collapsed because of the pandemic. If you are stuck in the overwhelm, you are going to love this interview. You are going to learn exactly what she did to launch a new career and transition into virtual work, how she repositioned herself to help others and her tips for you on how to move beyond being stuck in the overwhelm and into a new career. Our guest today is one of our CLASS members, Diane Alianiello, who has achieved so much in the last year. So excited for you to meet her and get inspired, so let’s dive in.

Moving Beyond Being Stuck In the Overwhelm and Into a New Career with Diane Alianiello 

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Diane Alianiello

Event Organizer

FB and IG: @calmandorderly

What Phase are you currently in?
What are some of your WINS you have achieved since joining?
  • First win WAS joining the community. 🙂
  • My online presence – creating website, FB, and IG. Currently hosting my first FB private group challenge! It’s the best I’ve done with a budget; excited about reading self-improvement books now; upleveled my meditations practice. Completing CRP, phase 2!
Diane Alianiello completed her vision board! She also booked the virtual event producing work she was hoping for at a higher day rate than she was expecting! This work will allowed her to move to Philadelphia next month and spend the first quarter of 2021 growing Calm & Orderly! She also completed CRP Phase 2!

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Anna (00:04):
Next guest I’m super excited to welcome is Diane. Hi, Diane. Welcome. Super excited to talk with you.
Um, tell us a little bit about, you know, who you are and where you were at the start of this journey.
Diane (00:17):
Okay. Um, my name is Diane. I am currently now in Philadelphia, um, Pennsylvania, and I, I mentioned that physically because I have actually moved several times over the last several months to try to make things work. Um, so that is something that is part of my journey. This has been, um, what was going to be the end goals since last spring. And I just got here on February 7th, this is still new for me. Um, so that’s very exciting. And it was funny. I was just listening to your whole conversation with Michelle prior to coming on with you. And it’s, it’s so funny. It’s just the, um, opposite of where I came from in a lot of ways. Um, you know, exactly a year ago right now, you know, you could have never told me that this was going to be what, what was happening. Um, I think I’m very much in the, in the countdown phase of how the world has changed.
Diane (01:14):
You know, right now we all have that day of like March 12th or 13th here, but right now, exactly this time last year was when Italy shut down and I had a lot of family there. Um, I was in the UK at the time we had just had a family wedding. Um, I had, you know, immediately on, on the day I came home from the game, we had a major unexpected loss in my family. Um, I was working on an off-Broadway show at the time, um, that we came down to, you know, my, you know, coming home after the highest high, low, and then my whole industry collapsing, which my job not only was producing the shows themselves, but a lot of the events involved, the, the Tony parties, the opening nights, um, so event planning was always a big part of, of what I did.
Diane (02:02):
So I felt like I saw the writing on the wall before a lot of my colleagues have, okay, I need to reposition myself, what am I going to do now? And I really did a lot of soul searching of what are the pots parts of my job that I really, um, loved the most and, um, setting up systems and setting up success, um, people for success and, and literally organizing things, figuratively, organizing things, digitally organizing things, um, was something that I’ve really enjoyed doing and learned over the years that that didn’t come naturally to everybody. Um, but it did to me. So that was something that, that felt better in, in getting started. And the other part of my job was I, I always, um, was kind of the defacto counselor of sorts, um, coach of, of people. Sometimes I joke, I’d literally put up the Lucy sign from Charlie Brown with the 5 cents psychiatrist is in because sometimes my office, the theater became. Um, but I really also enjoyed that part. Um, so it was like, where, how, how can I organize things and coach people and help them get stuck beyond their obstacles. And that’s when I decided to go into professional organization. Um, so yeah, that’s what I’m focusing on now.
Anna (03:19):
Yeah. I remember hearing your story, like when the, one of the first calls you jumped on and shared. So what, like in the beginning then what were some of those problems and challenges that you were facing with getting this off the ground?
Diane (03:32):

Um, you know, just being, I feel like ironically what I’m trying to help people with, but being stuck in the overwhelm, um, you know of, okay, I know all of the things that I want to accomplish, but how do I break that down into manageable steps to, to make it work? Um, and that, that is really what brought me to class and gave me the kind of structure where, um, you know, anybody who’s done this program knows he’s heard you of, okay, but did you do zero to two? I don’t care what you want to do buy ahead of time. And it’s, you know, once you’re going through it, it makes sense. You know, I I’ve, I just finished two last month I think, um, which took me a couple of months and, you know, the, the CRP of phase two and now I’m technically in the hustler period, but it’s felt I always want it to be in that hustler period from like day one. That’s what I wanted. But without the structure, it, it doesn’t make as much sense to go through those steps or you’re just, you’re skipping ahead and missing some of the fundamental pieces.

Anna (04:36):

Exactly. Yeah. That’s why it’s there, it’s a step by step. So yeah, that she’s talking about the success path. So we have phases that you go through when you’re, when you’re launching your dream career or business. So did you have any like doubts when you dove in and started going through it?

Diane (04:53):

I still have doubts today, but I just don’t get consumed by them, you know? Um, overall I feel great about what I’m doing and the choices I’m making. Um, you know, a lot of, I feel like a lot of the obstacles I hit are, um, literally just how things have been changing with the shutdown and the directions, um, that I’ve been changing. You know, I have, um, as far as organizing goes, you know, I’ve only literally been inside two homes to do it so far, which is what I really thought I was going to be doing and getting started with. Um, and so what I’ve really been doing is listening to people that I’ve been, um, you know, whether it was promoting myself to a lot of other people in, um, some of the class, the class community itself, or some of the other groups I’ve joined, the other people in class have gone through and I’ve become parts of their groups where people are like, Oh, but we’d love a group and we’d love this. And, and so, um, having an online component that I never envisioned something that, uh, that I’m actually finding gratifying, I’m still trying to figure out how to, um, successfully integrate that. But now it’s something that I’m really excited about.

Anna (06:07):

I love that. So you’re kind of pivoting, cause you need to write, like you can’t get into houses necessarily to organize with them, but you’re adding an online component to make it work for your industry. I love that. I love that because it’s always about pivoting to make it and change too. Right. So what do you think would have happened if you didn’t have a plan to follow?

Diane (06:32):

Uh, I have no idea. I mean, it’s, it’s, um, you know, there, there are just so many variables that I feel like are, are constantly, um, coming at you that just knowing that of knowing what the end goal is. Um, you know, I’ve always been, uh, someone who has lists, you know, the, to do list and whatnot, but really, um, projecting out, you know, the 30 days and the 90 days and what is it that I want to achieve? And, um, it’s something, I think something that I’ve really got in through the program, whether it’s intentional or not is, um, to allow myself to give myself the grace, to allow myself to pivot to, okay, this was the exact idea that I wanted to accomplish 30 days from now. But you know, now we’re literally told that we can’t go outside again for 10 days. So what can I do now? Um, because life is always going to happen,

whether it, uh, you know, even post pandemic, there’s still going to be obstacles that weren’t going to come your way and how are you going to deal with that? Exactly.

Anna (07:48):

Yeah. And I love looking back a year. Like no one could have, you never could have told what, what, what your, what was going to happen either. So things can change and will need to change too. So you, you have since like tell us some of the results that have happened for you since you decided to launch this

Diane (08:06):

Know business, um, you know, is really just, uh, going full in, you know, there are, um, in addition to class, something that was very important to me personally, which is not, um, you know, uh, a necessity is I also decided to join Napa, which is the national association of productivity and organization. And I am hoping by the end of March, I’m, I’m provisional status right now to, um, reach professional status, which, you know, is not there plenty, you know, you have Marie Kondo and the home edit, and they’re not NATO. You can be super successful without it. But to me, um, just having that little sense, I think of tech, uh, I don’t know if it’s a sense of pedigree. It wasn’t that, but it’s another community. I love class, the support of class for the, um, entrepreneurship and seeing all the different, um, industries are out there in the way you can help each other in such a supportive community, but Naval itself is such a supportive community as well. Um, you know, when I’ve joined the local Philadelphia chapter, so to just have, um, those kinds of resources and create the create community because, you know, as we build each other up, it only makes us as individuals stronger too.

Anna (09:22):

Yeah. Because the big thing about you too, Diane, is you completely changed industries too. I remember from the very beginning, you’re like, how do I do this in a completely different industry and getting involved in an organization that’s that’s genius, right? Because then you can start making those connections and start learning about that industry and start building up your bio too. So that’s, if anyone’s listening and wants to change industries, it can be done. Diane is here, she’s telling you she did it, she’s doing it. So tell us about, like, I know you did your vision board, um, tell, and also tell us about, tell us about the vision board and then tell us about that. Um, booking that, that day rate thing that you were you shared with us.

Diane (10:04):

Um, I, the vision board was actually something, um, that I actually feel so excited about now. And I have it like really in a prominent place that I look at every day now. Um, it’s, uh, you know, I did a kind of half- hearted vision board at the point in class when we’re supposed to, and I’d never, I, before in my life put up images that inspired me, but never with a cohesive theme. And I feel like this is the first time that I really did that. And it, it absolutely helped, um, with, with my clarity and where I want to go. Um, you know, again, both short-term and long-term goals of what’s included in that, and that helps really, um, hone it in for me every day. Um, I think the other, I don’t, I don’t recall the day rate. There was a challenge that I just completed, which was a lot of fun.

Diane (11:04):

I just did my first online. Um, I did a 10 day organizing challenge that I did through a private Facebook community. And that, um, was something that really was the, I think that was the step so far that I so

must I let go a perfect, you know, the, you know, that’s something that I’ve, I’ve really, I guess, with the grace thing, um, one of the podcasts I’ve listened to, and I feel like, you know, perfect is the enemy of done is something I hear again and again, but someone just said it so simply as done is better than perfect. And I can’t, that is something I’d probably say to myself at least several times a week now, maybe not daily, maybe daily, maybe sometimes a few times a day, um, and letting go, you know, I have the whole challenge plans out as far as what each day was going to, um, entailed, but, um, you know, again, once you have other people involved, sometimes things come back at you that make you pivot. And, um, and I did that and it was, it was great because again, it felt like a sense of community.
Anna (12:10):
Yeah, those are fun too. And then it starts, it starts the ball rolling of just getting yourself out there too. Um, so it was, I had read something that you booked a virtual event producing work that hoping at a higher day rate than, Oh,
Diane (12:26): That’s. Yes. Um, yes.
Anna (12:29):
I forgot about all of our accomplishments I had to, I did everything out. I will find them well, you know
what you are here
Diane (12:38):
Right now, because I have, like, I have a couple of days and I’ve been picking up more of that. I had a couple of days last week, I’ve got some this week, I have all of next week books for that. So, um, you know, event producing is my background. So I know how to do it in person. Um, learning how to do that in, uh, online is different. And, you know, I, I started some at, at a good rate, you know, I was doing them earlier and a lot of them are really low, you know, they’re, they’re booking these hourlies and I’m like, Oh, I don’t know. And then, um, the first couple I, I booked were at $300 a day. I’m like, okay, all right, I can do this to help supplement. And now, um, now I’ve started getting them like between 700 and a thousand dollars a day.
Diane (13:19):
So that is, what’s giving me the security to, uh, to both move and really push into the professional organizing because that’s, that’s now giving me the financial backing where I’ve, you know, to, to hone in on like I hired, uh, it’s, it’s not live yet, but soon, um, I gave up because I couldn’t let go of perfect when designing my own website. So I had to hand it over to somebody else. I was going too far down the rabbit hole of like, I can’t stay up all night working on making that one square. Perfect. You know? Um, so I, I handed that part over, but now it’s allowing me to do some of those things to feel better about, um, my professional image in the world. I love that.
Anna (14:02):
What a year? Like, I love it. I love it. I love the success and the seeing the journey too. Cause it doesn’t
happen overnight, but it’s just, you’ve kept making steps forward. Diane (14:13):
A lot of natural integration with it as well.
Anna (14:18):
That’s so good. So where can people find you online, Diane? Um,
Diane (14:21):
Right now the best places are, uh, both Instagram and Facebook is common orderly. My company is called common orderly. Um, you can reach me@infoatbcommonorderly.com. Um, become an orderly.com will be coming soon, but you, as soon as that is finished live, I will be posting that on both Instagram and Facebook so everybody can see when it is there.
Anna (14:44):
Awesome. Well, thank you so much, Diane, joining us here and for being here, what would be your word of wisdom for someone who’s just, just getting started with their dream, trust your gut, really go for it and
Diane: Trust your gut. I love that. Awesome. Thank you so much, Diane.
Speaker 4 (15:05): Thank you. Bye.

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