Overcoming Fear, Overwhelm and Age Discrimination When Making a Career Change


I am so excited to introduce you to one of our CLASS members. Today you are going to meet Tamara Magalotti. Tamara has a really amazing story about transition and pivots. She found herself at a crossroads in the wake of her divorce after 30 years of marriage. She faced overcoming age discrimination while transitioning from being a stay-at-home mom to finding a career that fulfilled her. So let’s listen in to her inspiring journey and how CLASS: The Love Your Work and Life System helped her overcome her fear and overwhelm.

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Overcoming Age Discrimination and Overwhelm with Tamara Magalotti


Tamara Magalotti

Financial Advisor


What are some of the WINS you have achieved since joining CLASS: The Love Your Work and Life System?

  • I started a career and had success as a business banker.
  • I am now transitioning into a career as a financial advisor.
  • I am working on my Master’s degree.
  • I published a few books.
  • I produced a few documentaries and I won awards!

What is something you’ve learned being in CLASS?

“One thing I learned in CLASS is to ‘place your passion on where you’re going, not a challenge that you’re facing’.”

What excites you about CLASS?

  • The coffee chats.
  • The monthly masterclasses.
  • The book club.
  • The quarterly planning challenges.

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