One Thing You’ll Regret Not Doing Sooner

Have you ever told yourself that you’ll start working on your goals tomorrow?

Then life gets busy and you find yourself doing everything for everyone else, but forget to take 15 minutes to work on getting your dream business off the ground?

I started my blog in March 2010 when I was in my second year of going to business school at night. I had absolutely no time to blog since I was juggling my day job and business school at night. But, over spring break (when I had no classes or homework) I thought it would be a good idea to write that first blog post.

I never thought it would be a business.

I never thought I was a writer.

I never thought anyone else would read my blog except my husband and my mom.

I never thought it would turn into my full-time income.

I never planned on quitting my day job.

I never thought it would turn into opportunities to travel the country and the world.

I never thought @classycareergirl would be featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal and People Stylewatch.

Here’s my point. What would my life be like if I hadn’t randomly written that first post?

One Thing You’ll Regret Not Doing Sooner

What if I hadn’t started?⠀

What if I hadn’t followed my passion and started writing about things that interested me outside of my day job?

I’m so glad I started. It was a terrible first blog post. But slowly my confidence started building and what we have created today is beyond what I ever could have dreamed of.

What are you going to start this week or this month? What are some goals you want to work towards in the next 90 days? Please start them. If you can learn anything from my story, know that it is just about taking one step forward each day even if it’s messy and imperfect. Ten years from now you’ll look back and be so proud of yourself for taking that first step.

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