Old Photos, Messy Houses and Juggling Three Jobs…
A few weeks ago, I was preparing for a webinar and going through all of my old photos of the times when I was starting a business and juggling three jobs at once. I realized that there are so many untold stories about my life as an entrepreneur. The challenges. The tears. The dance parties. 
Here’s a picture of me working my day job and my dream business….kind of at the same time.
Old Photos, Messy Houses and Juggling Three Jobs...
Work laptop on the right side and MY laptop on the left side planning a live event in 2013. The thing was my work laptop was SO slow so in between waiting for technology to happen, I would do work on my live event page. 🙂 Every second counts, right!
And this photo where I am carrying my daughter in her solly wrap while trying to get her down for a nap and finishing up a presentation for my first international speaking event. I am actually not sure how I was even functioning at that point of exhaustion but I just kept on going….
Old Photos, Messy Houses and Juggling Three Jobs...
Here’s the thing. Entrepreneurship is HARD, right? And it’s so easy to get distracted by the pretty photos on Facebook where it looks like entrepreneurs fly to Paris last minute, drink champagne in Italy and live a luxurious laptop lifestyle from the beach. They make it look so easy so why is it so hard for us!
I am hustling in my bedroom in a messy house with my daughter running around and dishes piled in the sink. So, I decided to create a movement around the REAL experiences of starting a business.
Introducing #MyStartupStory Movement.
In an effort to push past the distractions of the luxurious start-up photos on Facebook, we want to share our real story of starting up because…..really…it’s anything but luxurious.
The 7-Day #MyStartupStory Challenge Starts November 10th. Click here to join.

This free challenge will include 7 days of business growth writing prompts to help you:

-Create your brand
-Write your website
-Grow your confidence
-Attract more clients
-Build a business that makes a difference in the world.
No matter what phase of business you are in, #MyStartupStory will help you get clear on your business mission, attract more clients and stand out in your industry.
Also, if you are scared of your current employer finding out, we highly recommend creating an anonymous profile on Instagram or create a blog as your business name so you can start getting the word out about your new business coming soon!
I can’t wait to share #MyStartupStory with you and read your story too!
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