Get Your Zen On: 6 Ways to Turn Your Office into A Spa
It’s definitely no secret that work can be stressful. It’s a given. Though, while work is highly important, so is your physical and mental health. And attempting to get projects done while under pressure – whether it’s pressure from deadlines, pressure from your personal life, or pressure born from overthinking – will never give you the best finished product.
Taking a moment during the eight-hour workday doesn’t mean taking a one-minute bathroom break. We’re human and need time to recharge. It’s just a part of life. But this isn’t news – we all know this. Though, did you know that you can turn your workspace into a spa? Yeah, that’s right, quiet meditation and all. Below are ways to say goodbye to ‘Ahhh!’ and hello to ‘Aaah!’

Get Your Zen On: 6 Ways to Turn Your Office into A Spa

1. Clear Desk, Clear Soul

That’s a fair motto, right? But seriously – how can anyone be relaxed, let alone productive, with a cluttered, over-packed desk? This is your first step to ultimate work relaxation. No matter what time of year it is, pretend it’s time to Spring clean and donate whatever supplies, knick-knacks, or resources that are never used. Though, this tip could also just be a matter of rearranging your drawers so fewer items are visible on the desk’s surface.

2. Get Some Scents

No, not sense. If permitted, light a candle in your office or use a diffuser with scented oils. If not, a wall plug-in will do. According to Entrepreneur, essential oils not only help you relax and therefore focus, but they also “[activate] the immune system, affecting blood pressure and stimulating digestion.” So, they’re also great for your overall health!

3. Ground Yourself with Music

Next step to creating your Zen is to grab some headphones (we’re not trying to disrupt our coworkers here, but if you have the type of office where you could play it out loud, great!) Now open your computer’s music library, scan the web, or dig up your phone, iPod or radio… it doesn’t matter. Play your favorite artist or relaxing meditation music and I promise you’ll feel less stressed. I suggest making a playlist, but you do you!
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4. Real Lighting

Get rid of the harsh overhead lights when the sun is a natural, free resource. Shut off the lights and open the windows in your office building. Getting real vitamin D and fresh air may not be parts of a true spa experience, but both will surely rejuvenate you like they are. Though, if the sun has a tendency to hide in your area, pick up a lamp that mimics natural daylight!

5. Five Minute Yoga

This one you may or may not be able to do, depending on how flexible your company is (no pun intended!) If you’re in a private office or are simply able to take some time to yourself, store your yoga mat close by and pull it out for a five-minute yoga session. Meditate or stretch – either way, it’ll keep you focused for the remainder of the day. Have willing coworkers join in; relaxation for all!

6. Plant a Plant

Add greenery into your workspace to lessen feelings of a stuffy office and add in some earthy vibes.  Succulents are my favorite, but adding your favorite flower or plant will be the most beneficial. Though, don’t forget to water it – it wants to be relaxed and nourished, too!
No matter where you work or what you do, you should remember that you don’t need to carry the world on your shoulders. Though, for the times you are carrying too much, remember these tips and ground yourself.

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