5 Inspiring Home Office Decor Ideas
You spend a heck of a lot of time in the space where you work. Is your workspace a make-shift desk in a dark corner of a spare bedroom? A daily temporary set-up at your dining room table? Your work environment has an extreme effect on your body, mind and soul – which has a monumental impact on your ability to build your empire.
Where you spend your work time can feel bright and inspired or like a wet, heavy blanket. There are some simple ways to make it feel good to you. The foundational and most important way to do this is to make the space all about YOU. A personalized space filled with what you love has the power to motivate, energize and fire you up – even more so than a double espresso.
As an example, if you love the color green, go for it. Paint a wall. Get a green chair or lamp. Fill the space with plants. Buy some green office supplies like file folders, a pen holder and a tape dispenser. My biggest tip to you is to consider each of your five senses when reconfiguring and designing your office decor for your personalized space.

5 Inspiring Home Office Decor Ideas


First, get rid of everything you see that you don’t adore. The only things to keep are those that make you happy or those that are functional (like a printer or a three-hole punch). That grungy pen holder must go. So does that lamp that should have been donated to the thrift shop years ago. Anything that feels like clutter needs to be moved or put in a space where you can’t see it on the daily.
Next, construct your desk and surrounding areas mindfully and on-purpose. Need a new pen holder to replace that grungy one you just put in the donation pile? Get a pretty container – and it doesn’t have to be a pen holder. Consider a jar, glass, empty candle holder, vase or even an empty can that you spray paint your favorite color.
Use that same approach for the other office supplies you might need. Get a fun tape dispenser. Use a pretty dish for your sticky notes. Look at the walls around you and fill them with colors and art that inspires. Perhaps you frame some motivational quotes or your kid’s artwork.
Plants and fresh flowers are a beautiful addition to any space. Position them so you can see them easily and often when working. Get yourself a cute coffee mug to add to your desk. Maybe one that says: “Boss Lady” or “Messy Bun and Getting Stuff Done.”


Your sense of smells can trigger emotions from the past unlike any other sense. What you smell could be bringing on feelings of stress without you even realizing it. Try burning a delicious candle or spritz the room with natural air freshener.
Invest in an essential oil diffuser. There are all sorts of essential oil blends for specific purposes such as focus, peace, energy and joy. To clear your space from a bad day or a negative interaction, you can burn some sage or palo santo wood.
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Is silence golden? Or do you prefer some background music? If you like it quiet, you can do a few things to shush up your space. Carpet and rugs absorb noise, as will anything that’s soft and made of fabric – like curtains, wall hangings and furniture.
A noise-cancelling machine softens sounds around you, as do noise-cancelling ear phones or ear buds. If you prefer music in the background, create purposeful playlists for whatever kind of energy you need. Create one for concentration times and one that will pump you up.


Feel the chair you sit on every day. Has the cushion lost its bounce? What about your keyboard and desk – how do they feel? Think about the stuff you constantly touch and figure out whether or not they physically feel good in your hands and on your body.
Sometimes it’s as easy as throwing a fuzzy blanket over a chair. Or getting a soft pillow to rest your back on. You can change up your workspace all in one day or make a small change every couple of days. In either case, it’s a fun and rewarding process to discover what makes you feel ready to kick butt and takes names.


Just because you’re working, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy something yummy to eat or drink.  Have your favorite beverages available – tea, coffee, sparking water or green juice. Also, get a pretty cup or mug. It makes all the difference. 
Having a few little treats at your desk can perk up your mood throughout the day. Think of simple things like your favorite gum, mints or energy bars. 

Happy decorating!

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