New Year’s Planning Mistake #5: Not making your goals specific and smart.

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This is a perfect time for me to be doing this new year planning training because I have learned so much the past 7 months since my daughter was born. What worked before my daughter, doesn’t work now. I had to eliminate so much from my to-do list and really just focus on what works. And I had to learn to say no to a lot of stuff. You would think that I had a better plan before I had a baby and had so many MORE hours per week to focus on my business but I have such a better plan this year because of her because I WANT to spend time with her and my husband and the rest of my family and friends. Having a baby actually helped me prioritize my life, focus on what is important and plan out the activities and tasks that I loved doing so I am super excited for this year and the plan I have put in place. And the best part is that it is easy and I am not looking at my calendar right now and stressing out like I used to. So if you want your calendar to make you HAPPY not stressed, you are in the right place!

This week I am sharing the 5 mistakes people make when setting and keeping goals.  Click here for mistake #1, click here for mistake #2 and click here for mistake #3 and click here for mistake #4.

And today we are covering mistake #5.

Mistake #5: Not making your goals specific and smart.

SMART. S.M.A.R.T. means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Sensitive.

So this would mean NOT writing a goal that says, “Find a new job” or “Lose weight” or “Start a business” which is way too vague.

A better goal would outline the date you want to get your new job, the type of job you want to get and even better get really specific and change your goal to “Conduct informational interviews with 5 new people in the marketing industry by Jan 30th.” That goal is SMART.

If you want to start or expand your business this year or maybe you dream of submitting your resignation letter next year like I was able to, an example of your goal could be, “Get my website up and identify my ideal client by Feb 28th.”


So if you have tried to make new year’s goals in the past but it hasn’t worked, I feel your pain, I was there too. I was stuck in a dead end job I hated for over 4 years and every year I had the same resolution – Quit my job. Start my business. I totally get how frustrating it can be to be stuck and feeling like you aren’t making progress.

That’s why I put all of my new year planning tips and advice into a one hour workshop that over 500 people attended! And now you can listen to the recording for free.

Make sure you click here to download my free planning workshop here!

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