New Year’s Planning Mistake #1: Losing Track Of Your Goals

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Many people make New Year’s goals that don’t really stick. About 150 million Americans usually make New Year’s resolutions and another 50 million sometimes do, according to research by the University of Scranton. The same research says most of us stick it out a few weeks, but after six months fewer than half are still going. Only 8 percent of are actually successful.

So this week I am sharing the 5 mistakes people make when setting and keeping goals.  

And today we are covering mistake #1!

Mistake #1: Losing track of your goals.

I know sometimes in the past I have forgotten what my goals even are because I couldn’t remember where I wrote them down! That is why I recommend creating your goal journal or a vision board to keep track of your goals. I now have my 90-day goals and my annual goals hanging above my computer so I can look at them daily. You can also write down your goals on a notecard and carry them with you. Make sure you look at them daily.

You must have a regular review process for your goals!

Where are your goals written and what is your process to review them daily?

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