How to Market Yourself Online for Network Marketers and New Entrepreneurs (PODCAST)
I have a lot of network marketers ask me questions about their business and I have to be honest, I don’t do network marketing and don’t have experience in it. BUT, I’ve always thought that the same strategies I teach in my membership site would work perfectly for network marketing. That’s why I was so excited to interview our guest today because I agreed with so much of what she had to say about marketing yourself online and branding yourself no matter what business you are growing. I think you are going to love this episode as much as I did.
Mariko Briley
Founder of  Yoobly

How to Market Yourself Online for Network Marketers and New Entrepreneurs

Mariko Briley is the founder of Yoobly, Yoobly provides entrepreneurship training that teaches home-based business professionals how to GROW their business using social media and other online marketing strategies. Mariko grew up in a network marketing home and noticed her mom encountered the same problem as all of her new clients did- they did not treat their network marketing as a real business and needed help.  This, along with her knowledge of online lead generation, paved the way for the formation of Yoobly in 2010. She and her husband created a program where they teach business owners how to use online tools, such as social media, to grow and automate their business. Hard work and optimism has led her from $200,000 in business debt to a multi-million dollar business and the life of her dreams.
Mariko’s focus is helping business owners obtain success and passionate about inspiring emerging entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. She is currently working on her new book with her husband about how to attract the right clients.
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Some questions I asked:

How did you go from $200,000 in debt to running a seven-figure business?
How do you attract the right clients?
What skills do you think entrepreneurs need to be successful?
How can network marketers market themselves online?
How do you balance building a business and raising a family?
How did your time as a bush pilot influence your entrepreneurial experience?
How can a business support an adventurous lifestyle?

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