How I Turned My Passion Into a Trip to Tahiti
Travel is my passion. When something is my passion, I don’t make a plan B for it, it is always Plan A. It takes priority, I just do it, and put all of my intention into pursuing more travel.
I recently booked a conference in Hawaii, not only for networking to grow my business, but also to achieve my childhood dream of visiting Hawaii.
After spending the week visiting the Polynesian Cultural Centre, Climbing the Diamond Head Crater, road tripping around Oahu, and pool hopping at Waikiki beach, the week sadly came to an end. After catching the first leg of my flight, I arrived in LAX the following morning. Upon arriving at the gate to catch my connecting flight, the Ramp Agent makes an announcement.

“There might be a full flight today, and those who volunteer their seat will be rewarded with $800 worth of a travel allowance.”

At the time, the agent couldn’t guarantee for sure that the flight will be full, but I still decided to go for it. Never previously having the luxury of time to take advantage of such an offer, I went for it to see what will become of it. Before I knew it, the boarding process began. My seat was taken and offered to standbys, and I was called up to receive my magnificent travel voucher, and to my surprise two drink vouchers! Cranberry martinis to get through a grueling flight, anyone?
All sorts of ideas went through my head to be able to use the flight voucher in the future.
I could take a trip to Tahiti, fly partner airlines to FINALLY reach Greenland, or use it for taking much planned trips in the coming spring. With that voucher, I can take as many as 4 trips to awesome locations, and I know how to catch unbelievable sales to wicked locations.

First and foremost, I am ever thankful and blessed to be an entrepreneur.

My choices have given me the freedom to manifest MORE of what my passion is. If I were still working in corporate, this would not even be an option. In fact, I might have actually LOST money trying to get a specific flight to make it to the office on time. This is one of those times where I am glad I tossed my fears aside, and went for my dream business. I went for it, had the faith, manifested travel….and BAM!
It is said over and over that entrepreneurs must be passionate about their businesses, and manifest ways to help their clients MORE. In this case, my travel voucher will help me showcase more places to my audience. This reward will ultimately benefit all of whom I serve.

As it is repeatedly said: “Inspiration exists, opportunities exist; however, they must find you working.”

Let this also be a lesson and inspiration for you to stop being fearful, and take action to make your dreams come true. That is one way I have created my own benefits package with travel as a perk!
Happy Manifesting while I figure out the next impressive locale to redeem this voucher for!
See you all soon!

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