7 Common Self-Doubts That Kill Your Motivation (and How To Fix Them)
Motivation fuels us to achieve incredible things and set higher goals for ourselves. This process, while beneficial, naturally creates a sense of doubt within ourselves; however, by harnessing tools such as attention and confidence you can quickly resume handling the task at hand without the cloud of doubt.
The Basics of Motivation 
The doubts surrounding motivation which invariably result from the lack of understanding of how it functions and how it may be leveraged. From our more primal ancestors, motivation tied to both the elimination of threats and gathering of food. While we no longer see this direct correlation between our secure and notably evolved societies, motivation serves as the reason behind why people do things.
Intrinsic motivation is the sort that is found from within, typically harnessed in a subconscious fashion. Extrinsic motivation is the result of an external force or doing. Motivation comes in two forms:
1. Complex Decisions 
We find most of our day to day tasks are driven by habit, but how have we initially formed these habits? Depending on how conscious of a decision it was to divert to the store for goods or visit the gym for a workout, our lives revolve around a path we set for ourselves, as defined by our goals and high-level objectives. Motivation grounds our decision making by making independently complex decisions simple in aggregate.
2. Force for Good 
Think deeply for a moment and form a short list of three to five clear goals you have set out for yourself. People must individually motivate themselves and make progress on achieving goals, regardless of how structured they may be. By understanding this, individuals gain a conscious understanding of the control they have in their life and that motivation may be tuned for achieving remarkable things.
Thinking of motivation as a tool is a critical step, but what about the lingering doubts? Here are some common doubts people have surrounding motivation.

7 Common Self-Doubts That Kill Your Motivation (and How To Fix Them)

1. My Current Motivators Aren’t Sustainable

Many people resort to motivation which drains over time, whether it drains physical or emotion resources. Tying goals to deeply personal opinions can be a source of powerful intrinsic motivation.

2. Motivation is Rarely Effective in Helping Me Stay Focused on My Goals

This has more to do with the way you use motivation than what you use. Re-evaluate what you use to motivate yourself!

3. I Live a Complex Life, it’s Too Difficult for Me to Tap into Motivation

Living a complex life can be demanding, but that’s no excuse for remaining unmotivated. In fact, the people who depend on you such as children and other loved ones serve as a crucial motivator to hardworking parents.

4. These are Just Thoughts, I Can’t Seem to Turn Them into Action

Think deeply about your passions and try to uncover what drives positive change in your life.
Actionable motivation is dependent on its quality and relevancy.
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5. My Peers Challenge How I Motivate Myself 

The people we surround ourselves with have major influence over our lives, no matter how much information we divulge surrounding goals and motivation. Social dynamics dictate the individuals you spend time with may challenge or support these critical concepts, so it’s important to surround yourself with the right people.

6. My Peers Don’t Seem to Need Motivation, Why Should I? 

Without discussing motivation with someone, their internal and external source may be impossible to identify. Everyone is motivated by something, no matter the form.

7. Why Do I Need Motivation if My Goals are Simple?

Even the simplest of goals rely upon instinctive dynamics; if a goal aligns perfectly with your core beliefs, extra motivation may not be necessary.

Tackling Doubt 

You will notice a common theme among each of the doubts: inaction and action drive change. Overcoming doubt and rethinking how you source and leverage motivation can enable you to harness it for making good decisions and achieving goals. Whenever you face a difficult scenario, remember to very quickly assess its impact on your goals and fight whatever doubt comes to your mind.
Leveraging the power of motivation requires clear goals and mindfulness. By directing attention and energy towards key goals you can gain massive control over your own life, for the better!

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