How to Find More Time to Reach Your Goals
You becoming the success you know you can be is a priority right now. You need to prioritize and make the most important goals happen in your career or business. It is crucial to make more time in your schedule to move your dreams forward.
It’s time to make time. Your first step is to get your mindset right. There is no more saying or thinking that you don’t have enough time because YOU are in charge of your calendar, your calendar doesn’t control you.
If you haven’t read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks yet, I highly recommend it. What Gay Hendricks says in this book is this idea behind Einstein time. This is where you are in charge of your time. You are where time comes from. You can make as much of it as you want. I want you to shift your thinking to this Einstein time, where you experience a major surge in your productivity, creativity and enjoyment. This shift takes place the moment you embrace one profoundly simple truth and that is you are where time comes from.
So say to yourself right now, “I acknowledge that I am the source of my time.” And your stress will disappear the moment you accept that and you really claim ownership of it. This principle allowed me to re-brand and re-launch my website and a brand new course in a week back in 2015.  It works. So start thinking like a BOSS when it comes to managing your calendar and your schedule!
Once you have your mind and thoughts ready, you can make more time with these additional strategies.

Here are three ways to find more time to reach your goals:

#1: Automate

Free up your time by automating little things. Little chunks of time can really add up! For instance, instead of paying your bills manually, have your bills paid automatically through your bank with bill pay. Instead of doing your own budget, have a system like mint.com calculate your budget and expenses for you. Instead of telling an employee what they need to do each week, can this be automated in Asana? Can your employee know automatically that every Friday you need a financial report, instead of you telling him or her every week?

#2: Systemize

Have a system ready for each of your daily and long-term projects. Instead of getting overwhelmed with the big picture project you need to do, break it down into manageable chunks and manageable deadlines for your big goal. Have a system to get things done.
If you are job searching, you need a job search system that has your daily actions you need to take to reach your dream job. You need a network organizer and a system to track your results.
If you are starting a business, you need to be tracking and monitoring your sales and revenue. You need to be tracking how many people signed up for your email list per day and you need a process for all of these items to monitor if you systems are working.
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#3: Delegate

What tolerations do you hate that you can delegate to free up more time? What tasks shouldn’t you be doing? What tasks you not know how to do. These are the items that you should delegate first. Start small. Eventually, you can get to the point where you are doing almost 100% of what you love doing everyday and that you are great at.
Some ideas: Hire a housekeeper if you can’t stand cleaning. Ask a friend to come help you clean out your closet. Find a dinner preparation store so you don’t have to prepare dinner. Hire an accountant so you don’t have to spend time to do your taxes. Hire a teenager to run errands for you. Hire a Virtual Assistant.
Remember, this is all a mindset thing most importantly. If you just read the above and said you can’t automate, systematize or delegate anything, go back to your thoughts. Start repeating affirmations and filling your brain with positive podcasts and meditations. Start researching mentors and who is already managing to do what you want to do with an already very busy schedule. I promise you….someone is already doing what you want to do who is probably busier than you are right now.
See, you can make more time. Everything is possible and you can make this happen.

It's time to make time.

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