4 Challenges for Moms Who Work from Home


If you’re on the internet at all, you know that more and more moms are starting to work from home. The most common way is through direct sales companies, which tend to get a bad rap. Still, there are many moms who have a hard time leaving their kids behind while they punch the clock every day.
As a working mom myself,  I know how hard it can be. The problem is, how do we find jobs that we can do from home that are legit? Better yet, how do we run our own business without doing direct sales?
Natasha from Business Jump agreed to answer some of the pressing questions. Natasha has found passion in helping others find what kind of business would suit them best, and she helps moms like you and I decide what is the right direction to go in.

The 4 Biggest Challenges for Moms Who Work from Home

“It seems like most work from home opportunities are geared towards mothers. Why do you think that is?”

I think it is because we are such a ready and able market. A lot of the time mothers are presented with unfavorable working hours plus traveling time and paying for daycare fees, which all adds up. It’s a big task coordinating work and family life and in many cases very stressful. Working from home is the perfect solution to that.

“Are there legit business opportunities for work-from-home moms that aren’t in direct sales?”

Definitely. Remote working positions in the dotcom sector are increasing in number as companies adapt to the demand for location-free roles.  You can find roles in marketing, business development, coding, administration, customer service: pretty much every department that has the ability to work remotely. Sites like Weworkremotely & Remoteok are great places to find positions.  There are even more specialized companies popping up like Digital Mums who work exclusively with providing jobs for moms in Social Media Management and Online Marketing.  And Single Moms Income lists 50 legitimate work from home opportunities.
There are also a growing number of moms setting up as mommy bloggers.  Just type “mom bloggers” into the search engine and you will see thousands of moms blogging about their family life.  Some mommy bloggers have hundreds of thousands of visitors per month & have built up a hugely successful following which has led to speaking engagements, book launches & more.
There is also the opportunity to start a home-based business, following a passion or service that provides a solution to a customer. The moms we work with at Business Jump have successfully established online businesses doing something that is really aligned with their heart and soul whilst earning an income. It brings us so much joy to see them achieving something for themselves!
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“What are some of the top reasons that many moms choose to run their own businesses from home?”

I would say spending more time with their little ones is hands-down the biggest reason. They grow up so fast, many of our moms want to be there to enjoy that. The runner-up would be wanting to have their own project, something other than the kids which also provides a financial contribution to the family.
Working from home is also really flexible. Juggling kids and home commitments with work can be really stressful, so working from home provides a solution to that.

“What are some of the biggest challenges work at home moms face?”

It can be really lonely at times if you don’t have a community around you and I think many moms struggle with that.
Plus, there is a fear and doubt that creeps in at times, too.  Often moms lack support, especially if they are the sole business owner.  There is no one to tell them if they are heading in the right direction. Part of the issue is information overwhelm; if you need to be marketing your business through social media, it’s hard to avoid the mountains of information about how to run and market your business. So many directions to go in, so much to pull you off track, and so many hats to wear!!
I also think work-from-home moms will always struggle with balance.  Yes, it can be easier than a strict 9-5 job in an office, but it comes with its own challenges. Concentration is one of these. Imagine having a training call with a new client whilst your kids are playing on go karts in the background. It’s not easy.  For moms who have children at school, the summer holidays can be a challenge!
Self-care is often one of the first things to go.  One piece of advice I can offer is to always have a space for yourself at home to work.  It is very tempting to work from the kitchen table or even the sofa.  But working like this blurs boundaries between work and home life.  As much as you might want to completely get rid of all routine, some routine helps with productivity and making sure that you look after yourself and the rest.
I also advise you to have a bit of fun with your space.  Even if it’s just a small corner of a room, decorate it with motivational quotes. There are even interior designers now who specialize in helping you create a unique space which speaks your personality and brand.  It will also create a perfect backdrop for recording videos and live streaming – and let’s face it – it’s fun!

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