6 Reasons to Become a Mompreneur
It can be tough to raise a family while heading out into the workforce each day, which is why many women are considering or have taken the plunge into becoming a mompreneur. It’s a scary decision but one that many women make after long contemplation. Here are just a few reasons you need to quit your job.

6 Reasons to Become a Mompreneur

1. Missing the Big Moments

When moms head out to work, they’re often missing the best parts of their family’s daily lives especially when the children are little. First words, first steps and even the loss of a first tooth can be missed when mom heads off to work each morning. When she’s an entrepreneur, she’s there for those first milestone moments.

2. Not Having to Choose

A high-pressure job requires you to make a choice when your child is sick. Is it a small fever and a bit of a sniffle, or a serious cold that needs the touch of Mom? Those are questions you’ll need to ask yourself when you have to decide whether to send your child to the babysitter or stay at home and miss a meeting or presentation. It’s a choice that every working mom has felt and each choice fills her with guilt. As a mompreneur, you can choose to snuggle with your sick child in your arms while on the phone. Both jobs get your full attention.

3. Dictating Your Life

Your job dictates your life. You’ll be missing soccer games, carpools to after-school activities or school plays because you have to be at work. It’s not unreasonable to want to see your child’s major moments and be a part of their daily lives. This is why many women become mompreneurs. They don’t want to miss out on their child’s lives.
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4. Earning Potential

When you work outside the home, you’re at the whim of your boss or the company in terms of how much money you can expect. You might get occasional bonuses or pay increases, but you can’t rely on these. You have to drag yourself through the day with a limited earning potential. As a mompreneur, you set your own earning potential. Whether it’s craft selling for a certain price or an hourly rate that allows you to work part-time, you have control of your earning potential.

5. Work You Love

There are many aspects of a job that aren’t as satisfying, but when you’re working for someone else, it can feel like it’s stifling. When you work from home, you’re picking a passion whether it’s creating or helping others. This will definitely make you feel more positive in life and that can be a very powerful thing to have!

6. Boost of Confidence

As a stay-at-home mom with no job except to raise the children, it can feel like a loss of confidence. Women who might not need to work for the income will head out to work because they want to regain that confidence. Being a mompreneur can be that boost of confidence without resorting to working a job they don’t love.
When you quit your job and do the work that you love from home as a mompreneur, you’re telling yourself and the entire world that you can create a situation that works wonderfully.

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