How to Rule the World: The 5 Ultimate Career Tips for Millennial Women
(Editors Note: This article is not about world domination.)
Millennials are tough.  We’ve managed to survive our teen years amid a turbulent economy and other personal factors of our lives. Baby boomers and yuppies may disagree with some of our life and work choices, but we’ve designed a different system that’s driven by passion, innovation, and creativity.
Millennial women, in particular, are extremely empowered. We have more opportunities in the workplace now more than ever (although there’s still a lot of room for improvement). It is very possible for us to build careers that women even one to two generations before us only dreamed of. Staying on top of your career can be tough, but then again, so are women. Here are 5 career tips for to guide you as you rise up your career ladder.

How to Rule the World: The 5 Ultimate Career Tips for Millennial Women

1. Know What You Want and Go For It

This tip can be useful both for rookies and experienced employees. This is actually an exciting stage for fresh graduates who are still learning their place in the world. You can try several career paths before finally deciding which one to focus on and foster. For the experienced career woman who has already invested in a certain career path, it helps to picture yourself in ten years. What do you see yourself doing? What kind of leader do you want to become? Nothing stops you from getting what you want.

2. Be Smart in Managing Your Time and Resources

As you go on with your work life, always remember to keep your eyes on the prize. Learn how to utilize time management to your advantage as well as the resources you have. You can dedicate all your time to the advancement of a single career, or—if you can manage it—you can try handling multiple careers. Of course, this all goes down to your capabilities and how you manage your time.
When to comes to managing your resources, learn to identify your strengths and take advantage of them as well. If you can write and are social media savvy, you can even start a blog or website that highlights your capabilities, using your writer’s voice to back up your career.
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3. Know Your Limits

Burnout is one of the millennials’ worst enemies, and most are losing the battle against this evil manifestation of exhaustion. As millennial women, you have to know how to identify its symptoms, therefore preventing it from taking over your life. Knowing your limitations is one way of protecting physical and mental health.

4. Learn How to Handle Pressure

Author Henry Kissinger said that “a diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.” As one of the career tips for millennial women, look into yourself if you are the type who would burn out and melt under fire or if you’re the type to come out sparkling and magnificent. Given the right perspective, millennial career women can turn pressure into an opportunity to learn and even to rise up to the top.

5. Say No When The Situation Calls For It

Saying yes can help in career advancement, but when you feel your superiors or organization is already taking advantage of you, learn to say no and negotiate a more beneficial alternative for both parties. Compared to the past generations, millennial women have become pretty good at saying no, especially when they know they’re at a disadvantage. However, a lot are still afraid or uncomfortable to speak up.
These career tips for millennial women can only go so far if you do not act on them. It’s important to be assertive go for situations that will help your career, not those that will leave you dry and tired.

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