Are You Bad at Management? The 5 Common Traits


Management is one thing we will find ourselves doing at one point or another, be it the management of a home, or within your chosen career path. You may even have to manage your boss. This makes it highly important that, at the very least, we are able to understand where we might be going wrong when managing, even if we never get to manage more than ten people at a time. There are many articles detailing the best managerial practices, however, to really stand out you must be able to understand how your personality fits in with these guidelines.
Many personality traits we consider to be acceptable are actually highly counterproductive in management, and by the end of this article, you will be able to properly identify these traits and work on them so you can get better results. Here are some of the more common “Bad Manager” traits.

The Worst Managers Do Not Know How Bad They Are. Are You One of Them?

1. You Take On All the Responsibility and Refuse to Delegate

A manager must be able to assess the people he or she is working with and properly identify their strengths and weaknesses. This is an incredibly invaluable aspect of management because when you don’t delegate, your direct reports will feel like you do not value them enough or that you can handle everything on your own. Ultimately, productivity will suffer.

2. You Ignore Minor Problems to Cut Costs

In management, even the smallest hitch in productivity needs to be as addressed as quickly as possible. Trying to save money by ignoring the problem may eventually end up creating more problems than you could have ever imagined having in the first place.

3. You are Impatient and Result Oriented

Being result oriented is a great trait to have as an individual, and even as a manager, too. But, when you’re too focused on the bottom line and not on the process leading up to it, it is highly likely that the people you are managing will become unhappy as they will begin to cut corners to finish work that they ended up producing under duress. In management, it is essential to be patient, but firm.
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4. You Use Abusive or Inappropriate Words

As individuals, we all have different quirks and ways of expressing ourselves, most of which are picked up from our friends and immediate family. Sometimes some of these words we say unconsciously may be too endearing for a workplace environment or even too abusive. It is important that managers watch their language while in a working environment, as it can be perceived as workplace bullying. The last thing you want is for your “motivational language” to lead you into a meeting with HR.

5. You Constantly Look For Mistakes

People make mistakes in life. It’s just one of those facts that can’t be undone. We all have our off days, so if someone makes a mistake, a dramatic manhunt isn’t likely to do anyone any favors. When errors do happen, educate and train so it doesn’t happen again. Your bosses and employees will be grateful for the help.
Having a personality trait that conflicts with management is not a bad thing. In fact, once you manage to identify it, it becomes easier to deal with it and this eventually transforms you into a better manager. A key phrase to remember is that you and your employees all have a common goal. Praise people who do a good job. If people make mistakes, coming down on them like a ton of bricks isn’t going to help anyone.
As a manager, it is your role to nurture talent, identify problems, and resolve them. Don’t get lost on a power trip. Help those who are juniors to your position work towards the goals of the wider business.

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