7 Best Makeup Palettes to Rock This Holiday
The holiday season is a tremendous opportunity to take out all those colorful makeup palettes and create a look that matches perfectly with your brand new Christmas or New Year’s Eve dress. A great palette is a must to have in your beauty bag to fulfill all your makeup needs and to add a special something to every dress in your wardrobe.
Amanda Sanders, a New York based Image Consultant and celebrity stylist said, “It’s not how much you pay for your makeup; it’s how you apply it.” Thus, it is important to pick a palette that matches your skin color and tone, skin type, age and occasion. Then, apply it correctly after seeking help and advice from a makeup expert. Don’t be scared. Just ask!

Here are the 7 best makeup palettes to get your hands this holiday season:

  1. Maybelline Nudes Palette

    This palette impressed me because it is the first 12 shade collection from Maybelline but it has colors that could create numerous possibilities. No matter whether I require sultry sands or brazen bronze, this palette has something for every occasion in it.
Makeup - Maybelline Nudes Palette
  1. Urban Decay Vice-4 Palette

    The sequel to the Vice range, the Urban Decay Vice-4 has additional 20 shades that makes it one of the most gorgeous palettes to own. The Vice-4 palette has an assortment of colors that impressed me as it gives me everything right from the fun party shades to the more sober date shades.
Makeup - Urban Decay Vice-4 Palette
  1. Clinique Party Eyes Made Easy

    As the name suggests, this Clinique palette is specially created for party goers and has a combination of 13 shades that generally does the trick for me at every party occasion of mine and thus gets a thumbs up!
Makeup - Clinique Party Eyes Made Easy
  1. NARS and God Created the Woman Set

    Yes, I loved it for its name! But this NARS palette has more to offer. The palette has six of the best shimmering shades that could do the trick for me at any of the festive occasions be it Thanksgiving Dinner or Christmas Eve.
NARS and God Created the Woman Set
  1. Sephora Moonshadow Baked Palette

    The palette comes with a wide range of baked eye shadow in nude colors that impressed me due to its simplicity. The compact, as well as the palettes, carry a shimmer so good that one could look angelic upon using them. I also liked its texture as it feels extremely soothing on my skin.
Makeup - Moonshadow Baked Palette
  1. Dior’s Nude Palette for Eyes & Lips

    The professional texture by Dior’s palettes creates spectacular effects and it’s long-wear palettes that creates sparkling eye shadows as well as lip shades. The reason this all-in-one palette impressed me was its comprehensiveness as it can fulfill your eye shadow as well as lip color needs.
Makeup - Dior's Nude Palette for Eyes & Lips
  1. NARS Steven Klein One Shocking Moment Cheek

    This is a limited-edition cheek palette from NARS that has four blushes, a contouring duo and a glowing Laguna bronzer that creates stunning effects and brings in color in full force.
Makeup - NARS Steven Klein One Shocking Moment Cheek
Although its hard not to buy all of these, I believe one or two of the above will do the trick for you this festive season.

What’s your go-to makeup palette?

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