Amp Up Your Office Look with These 8 Easy Tips
There’s something about the turn of the year that makes us all want to wear our ambition and become executors rather than just dreamers (Note: we know that it’s May, but we thought now was a good time to remind you of those goals you may have made five months ago). Ever noticed how a lot of these goals revolve around changing our physical appearance? Losing excess weight seems to be on everybody’s priority list, and having healthy skin and dressing better aren’t far behind either.
Since a lot of us spend most of our time at the workplace, it seems only fit that we start our sartorial transformation with our workwear. In this post, we tell you how to move on from strict formals and incorporate some chic and cute in your work wardrobe. Relax, read on and get started on your work-look transformation.

Amp Up Your Office Look with These 8 Easy Tips

1. Swap Trousers with Skirts

If you thought only wearing fitted trousers could give your office ensemble that air of formality and professionalism, think again. Well-fitted skirts and dresses can also provide the much-needed infusion of femininity you need in your work wardrobe. Trade your pants for knee-length skirts and pair them with crepe, cotton, and georgette shirts.

2. Play Around with Fragrances

Sure, you have one particular fragrance that defines you. But changing the way you smell can actually be like taking on a whole new personality. Stir up some mystery in the air with your fragrance. If you were doing woody and musky all this while, move to floral or even fruity. You will feel like a totally different person in a matter of minutes.

3. When It Comes to Eyes, Go Bold or Go Home

Your eyes maybe the window to your soul, but they also help you portray confidence, control, and charm. So start letting your eyes do the talking! If you are a black-kohl kind of girl, try something different. Deep blue shades perk up most eyes, and light browns and greens can lift the dullest eyes on tiring days. The white eyeliner can also be an option to add some drama to your eyes and make them look bigger and more open. Think of some interesting eyewear options as well to change your look. A sleek pair of cat-eye glasses or the nerdy frames could be all that you need to go from just-good-enough to fab!
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4. Keep Jewelry Minimal and Classic

Accessorizing is an art. However, you cannot put your best boho foot forward when you are headed to work. So keep it chic. Nothing quite defines class like diamonds do. Throw on a bit of diamond jewelry to add some sparkle to your look. A classic diamond ring or a pair of diamond studs are all you need to look sophisticated and stylish at work. Pick out designs that are unique and urbane.

5. Say Hello to a New Lip Color

Lipsticks are a working girl’s best friends. The right shade of lipstick makes formal wear look even sharper. A lot of us prefer to stick to rose, nudes, and corals when it comes to work. You can dramatically change your look by simply opting for a bolder lip color. Contrary to popular belief, darker shades of reds and browns are not always overwhelming, but can actually lend a glow to your face and often help enhance your features. So step out of your comfort zone and brighten up your pucker.

6. Ditch The Traditional Manicure

We get it, french manicured nails are an office staple. But try making it a little different by having some fun with your nails! You may not be able to wear that bling-y top to the office, but you can surely try on some pretty, yet subdued nail art and make your nails stand out.

7. Embrace Sleek Ponytails

Your hairstyle can make all the difference to your office look. Bid adieu to boring buns and opt for sleek ponytails instead. It’s an absolutely incredible way to keep your hair in place while looking youthful and fresh. Besides, what better option could you have on a bad hair day or those days when you want to hide those funky hair clips?

8. Invest in Wholesome Skincare Products

As we enter the latter half of the year (and the beginning of summer!), make it a point to take care of your skin. Invest in good skincare products that replenish and rejuvenate your skin. Don’t try a hundred different things on your skin. Pick one or two reliable products that allow your skin to breathe and help retain its natural glow. Healthy skin can make you look radiant and herald a new you. Also, don’t forget to eat healthily and exercise optimally to get great skin.
Who said work fashion couldn’t be fun? Make going to work stylish and your work looks coveted. Try the above ideas to change your look in a jiffy. You could also do some research yourself and find out great ways to change your look around and infuse some brightness and glamor into your work wardrobe. So, are you ready to get out of the rut and sport a whole new look at your office?

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