Live Interview Today on How to Makeover Your Resume in 30 Minutes

Today, Get Ahead Club members will have the opportunity to listen to my interview with Louise Kursmark, the author of 30-Minute Resume Makeover: Rev Up Your Resume in Half an Hour.

Louise Kursmark is one of the leading resume-writing experts in the United States, Louise is an authority on a wide range of career and employment issues. She has written 18 books about resume writing, interviewing, and executive search strategies and has been featured and quoted in countless online, print, and broadcast publications. Her passion is helping people and organizations “tell their story” in a way that is compelling, memorable, and relevant.

Louise is a founding board member of the Career Masters Institute, was the first person worldwide to earn the prestigious “Master Resume Writer” credential, and is a 6-time “Best Resume” award winner. Before launching her career services firm in 1982, Louise earned a business degree from Bay Path College, studied English at Northeastern University, and spent her early career in public relations.

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What is the Get Ahead Club?

I created the Classy Career Girl Get Ahead Club for professional women who are determined to get ahead in their careers.  This is my entry level of membership and a great way to have ongoing access to me and other career experts at a very affordable rate. Topics range from how to get promoted to how to find balance and fight burnout.

I have been interviewing experts about professional topics for over two years on my blog. But, I realized something was missing.  There were no action steps or the ability to ask my expert guests any questions because the call wasn’t happening live.  It wasn’t giving me enough interaction with you and I didn’t feel that you were getting enough out of my interviews to take back into their career.  So I decided to raise the bar  in 2013 so you can use what you learn today and make yourself an absolute success in your career!!

These women that I pick to interview are women that I REALLY want to talk to. I have heard them speak before and they have completely inspired me.  So I am being very picky and only choosing the best experts and successful professional women that I REALLY want to talk to. So I won’t waste your time. This is as good as it gets!  Today there are over 30 women in the Get Ahead Club and over 14 interviews to download and listen to for inspiration and motivation!

Getting ahead is hard and I don’t want you to do it alone. Click here to join us in the club.

Hope I get to welcome you into the club today!  :)

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