Why Every Successful Woman Should Live Abroad
Creativity and flexibility is the name of the game for the modern market and all the classy women flourishing it in. Hyper-connectivity and out-of-the-box thinking has changed the way careers are approached and success is achieved, and that means successful women can’t get complacent. They need to keep evolving, learning new things, and pushing out of their comfort zone.
As an expat, I can tell you success didn’t come for me by staying put – it came from getting out there and rocking the big world. And to you, my fellow ladies, pack up your bags, book a plane, and chart a course for a live abroad adventure (even if it’s just for a little bit!), you’ll find it’s the best decision you’ll ever make for yourself and your career.
I know what you are thinking,..I can hear the gears grinding to a halt: “No, I can’t, I’m not cut out for that.”
Here’s the thing about going global: It’s about BECOMING cut out for it. If you’re looking to thrive in your career or change it up, then living aboard is the exact thing you need.
How? I’m glad you asked.

3 Reasons Every Successful Woman Should Live Abroad:

  1. Break Free From the Mold

Like it or not, we all have our molds – what our parents think of us, what our colleagues think of us, and even what our culture thinks of us. The brilliant thing when you live abroad is taking off the limitations to your passion, drive, and creativity. What’s totally taboo in your culture (or just not “common sense”) is wholeheartedly embraced in another country. This gives you the chance to think about what YOU really want and not what you SHOULD want.
Your grandparents may think becoming a game designer, a Facebook group moderator, or a Feng Shui interior decorator is a bad idea, but there are entire countries full of people who will embrace your passion and cheer you on. Without those limitations, you can get down to the important parts: deciding if it’s actually what you want, and then actually driving towards it!
A career change is a gift, and living abroad helps you unwrap it.
  1. You Get Some Wicked Sweet Skills Out of It

Being a globe-trotter puts you in some pretty unique situations, whether it’s figuring out how to order lunch in a different language or network in a foreign environment. These situations can help you in the big ways and in the small way, because what are they are building skills.
Ordering off a foreign menu teaches you tolerance (you’re the foreigner here) and it teaches you creativity. Don’t know how to say “fish?” say “sea creature.” Might not be hugely valuable, but it’ll be funny, and now you’re learning positivity.
Then there’s the big ways – you’ll learn how a foreign market operates, you’ll learn how to multitask with time zone differences, strange customs, and moving. Wrap all this into one and you’ve learned how to adapt.
These are the top-notch skills that every employer and every industry is looking for, and living abroad can engrain it into the very way you function.
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  1. Meet New People and New Perspectives

The key to success is thinking outside the box. Staying in your normal environment can make you stagnant, while living abroad can offer you that new way of thinking. New cultures, backgrounds, and customs breed people who think much differently than you, and by interacting, working, or just watching these people, you can pick out the habits, the mindsets, and the tools of the trade to give yourself an edge (both at home and at your new foreign home)!
So when you return back to your mother country, you’ll have an arsenal of skills and perspectives to apply to your awesome new career – something no one else will have.
Successful people know that success is about ever evolving and always looking for something new. Successful women need to be the same! If you’re looking to ramp up your skills, your tools, and your career, heading out to live abroad can be just the thing you need.

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