List Building: How to Grow Your Email List With One Blog Post
Having a relationship with my email list was crucial in helping me grow my business and quitting my day job. My very first product, The Get Unstuck Bootcamp, was bought by someone around the world in London who had subscribed to my email list. I went on to sell the same product again and again to that very small email list.
My email list is what got this whole business started but there is one big mistake I made. Not starting sooner! I was blogging for one entire year without having a way for someone to join my email list! And if you know me at all, you know that I love sharing my mistakes because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes.
So I can’t encourage you enough to dive into this challenge, take action and get ready to grow a list of people who are total fans of what you do. To get REAL results, you have to do the work. It’s not just a fun thing or a great idea. It’s work. It’s hustle. It’s HARD!!

How to Grow Your Email List With One Blog Post

Step #1: Focus on Your ONE List Builder

Focus on a short timeline to build your list. It truly is all about focus. Focus on ONE thing this month. Focus is the name of the game. Pick what is going to be your list builder for a short focused burst. A free template or plan that you give away on an epic blog post. This is where your survey results and market research come in handy friends!
Examples of our top performing free giveaway:
Free Plan: 90 Days to an Awesome Career or Business

Step #2: Launch Your List Building Blog Post

It’s time to promote your free giveaways that you have worked so hard on. Start driving people to a blog post first instead of asking them for their email addresses first. It’s actually pretty obvious. You want to provide value first. If your future clients land on a blog post giving away awesome stuff, they are going to see that you know your stuff and want to learn more. That is when you’ll ask for their email address to send them more valuable stuff for free.
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Step #3: Get Creative and Reach Out

Your email list is important. But, just collecting email addresses online is not going to sell your programs or services for you, especially when you are just starting your business. It’s not something magic that will happen just by putting a sign-up form onto your website. If people aren’t signing up and you are getting bummed, you have to do something about it. Don’t sit back and wait for people to come to you. YOU go to them!
Start sending emails to everyone you know who might be interested in the VALUE you are providing in your free lead magnet giveaway. Send messages over and over again on social media to NEW people who are your target market. Remember, if you have spent a lot of time creating an excellent free giveaway (also called lead magnet), you shouldn’t have a problem giving it away to your target market. It should be something that your audience is really hungry for. They want and need it so you are helping them!

Step #4: It’s Camera Time

Time for VIDEO! Why is video amazing right now? Posting a link to your lead magnet on social media (especially Facebook) is not getting many eyeballs these days. Unless you are paying for Facebook ads, organic reach to a link is super duper low. BUT, organic reach to videos is BONKERS! We are seeing even extra reach for Facebook Live videos that we do each week. You need to focus on conquering your video fears and using a short strategic video to share about your lead magnet so more people can see what you do and sign up for your list.
If this got you excited to grow your business and your email list, make sure you join us in Corporate Rescue Plan. We’ll teach you how to start and grow a profitable freedom-based business. Doors close on Sunday, October 16th!

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