Lessons Learned From 500 Podcast Episodes!

Lessons Learned From 500 Podcast Episodes!


Today we are celebrating 500 episodes of The Classy Career Girl Podcast! We talk about how far we’ve come, where we started, where we are today and where we are going in the future! Thanks to everyone who has listened to an episode over the years! You are so appreciated!





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Classy Career Girl started as a blog post in March of 2010. I blogged in the evenings and weekends on the side of my day job. It truly was my passion project and I was very stuck at work. I knew that my day job wasn’t for me long term and my blog was a way to help me discover what my ideal career was.


In this episode: Lessons Learned From 500 Podcast Episodes!

  • The biggest lessons learned since we started Classy Career Girl in 2010
  • What I wish I would have known
  • How we got started
  • Where we are now and where we are going next!


The Top Two Lessons Learned After Podcasting For 500 Episodes

1. Baby Steps Add Up But Nothing Happens Overnight

My life and career is what it is right now because of the baby steps I started to take in 2010 and every year since. I started exploring the steps to follow my passion and try something new even if it was uncomfortable and outside of my comfort zone. Where will you be in 10 years, 5 years, 1 year or in 90 days? It all starts with the baby steps and habits you put in place today.

2. You CAN Create Your Future

I looked around and realized I wasn’t happy where I was and decided to do something about it. I started exploring different career options out there for me. I took what I enjoyed doing, helping other people with their resumes and turned that into my dream career.

We now are celebrating 13 Classy Career Girl Certified Career Coaches and that means that my little baby step to start this blog now impacts thousands of women around the world just because I made that first step. It’s beyond anything I ever could have thought or imagined. I didn’t even start it as a business. I started it as a passion project.

The Key: Never stop. Just keep going. Even when there are twists and turns and everything seems like it’s falling apart, just keep taking baby steps on your dream every day. Years later you will be so happy you did!

Resources From Lessons Learned From 500 Podcast Episodes!


My Free Daily To-Do List

Planning Guide

90-day planning guide - a workbook and planning guide to launch your dream and love your life now from Classy Career Girl.


We just opened the waitlist for our fall cohort of the Classy Career Girl Career Coach Certification.

Make sure you add your name to that so I can send you more information about when we open and we can get on a call and discuss the program more and if it’s a good fit for you.  Here’s the waitlist: www.classycareergirl.com/certification

Why Become a Career Coach?

Starting a career coaching business 10 years ago was the best decision of my life. As I look back on my first clients and how far learning to become a career coach has taken me over the years, I wish more women knew that it’s truly one of the best careers you can have.

Career coaching is also so marketable right now with the four specializations we offer – Business Coach, Job Search Coach, Productivity Coach and Leadership Coach.

All of these specializations are very much needed in all industries and in any economy. There are so many women who are wanting more out of life and I truly believe that Career Coaching is the answer!

I’ll be doing a free webinar in September on how to become a career coach so stay tuned for that too. You can register for the Career Coach Webinar here.

Hi, I'm Anna!

I’ll help you create a career strategy and plan so you can finally have a job or business you love that supports the life you really want.

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