3 Reasons You Are Doing Just Fine
With the constant postings on social media, it can become a daunting task to not compare our lives to others within and outside of our circle. Without leaving the comfort of our homes, social media provides us with the wonderful ability to glimpse into the lives of former friends, classmates, and even celebrities. It’s really important to remember that you are doing just fine and not to lose focus on the strong and powerful woman you are.
We must never let the things we want make us forget the things we have. You are doing just fine. Can we all work a little harder and smarter? Possibly. However, constant focus on failed attempts or the things that did not go right make us stagnant. Sometimes you have to unplug or simply unfollow to ensure your own confidence is not damaged. You may not be exactly where you desire at this present moment but do not forget to acknowledge your accomplishments, your path to happiness.
Here are 3 reasons you are doing just fine:

3 Reasons You Are Doing Just Fine

1. Your Basic Needs Are Covered

You paid your bills this month! You may not have everything you want but your basic needs are covered. You have a job. It may not be the job or career that you desire, but you are actively seeking employment or growing your side-hustle into a business. You have the simple luxuries, but you are constantly taking strides and investing in yourself. You realize that life will have its ups and downs but how we navigate through those moments is a true testament.   I made a habit to truly bask in the small things that are often overlooked.

2. You Have a Support System

You have people in your corner. “Quality over quantity.” As we get older, we tend to realize that we do not need 3 million friends. If you have someone, even if it is a best friend or a spouse, be thankful for that support system. They listen to you vent. They encourage you when it seems like nothing is going right. One failed attempt does not make you a failure. Do not bottle up those feelings. It is perfectly okay to question your decisions and choices.
However, living in the past serves no use. Use your support system to help you dust off from those failed attempts and try again! You can also consider no longer calling them failed attempts! When I do not get it quite right on the first, second, or third try, I am simply perfecting the manner in which it is to be accomplished.

3. You’re Still in Power! 

You are a strong, powerful woman! Yes, you. You still have the power to make the change or be the change you desire. You are actively seeking for ways to improve your life. However, you have so much to be grateful for. You have taken tally of the things you need to do and you are doing them.   You have pinpointed those areas in your life that you can strengthen and you are working to improve those areas. A woman once told me to “be attached to the vision but not how you get there.”
Some of the very things we have went through and are going through were simply made to grow us. It was to give us a story to share to the masses.   You are powerful.  We are powerful. Do not forget your own strength. It did not disappear. You’ve been using it all along. Tap into your greatness. Live the life you desire.  You are doing just fine powerful woman!
“Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.”- Anonymous
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