June 2016 Monthly Action Report (CCG Podcast #44)
Welcome back to our weekly CCG podcast! Today is a really exciting podcast that I have been working very hard on for you.  I am going to share with you every single thing I did in my business in June 2016. What worked and what didn’t work and all my lessons learned. This is the first time I am doing a podcast like this so let me know if you like it! I would love to hear and if you are enjoying this Classy Career Girl podcast, please leave a review for us on iTunes as well. I would really appreciate it, thank you!
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I think you are going to love this one so let’s dive in! If you are enjoying our podcast, please leave us a review on iTunes! It would mean the world. Thank you!

There are a lot of bloggers out there sharing their income reports. I have decided to start a different type of monthly post, an action report. Everywhere we look online these days we hear about someone’s six-figure launch and how someone else made a million dollars on a course, etc. Am I the only one completely fed up with this?

If money alone inspires you, you should probably stop reading this now. I’m inspired by people who take action and actually make a difference.

If I was only in it for the money, my business would look a lot different. I would be a stressed and crazy entrepreneur trying to reach my income goals to share my awesome numbers on my blog each month. Instead, I have spent the entire last year restructuring my business to do more of what I enjoy every single day. That involved quitting all of my higher-earning programs. It involved saying no to opportunities and clients that would bring in the big bucks. Simply, because I knew that was not what I wanted to be doing long-term.
I also want to create a business that lasts a lifetime and even outgrows me. I want to create a legacy and not just be, “That girl that did a $60,000 launch”.

For years I tried to keep up with everyone else.

Then, I had my daughter, stepped back, and re-evaluated my vision and goals. It’s been a TON of imperfect action and self-reflection behind the scenes and that’s what I think is missing in a lot of “income reports” and snazzy Facebook ads and programs out there.
What are these people making millions DOING every single day? Wait, I want to know how much impact and difference they are making too. How are they HELPING?

I don’t care how much someone made. I want to know how people I admire are helping and making a difference.

That’s what really inspires me and why I have had to cut back my mentors and coaches. I have unsubscribed from a billion emails because this generation of online business owners is missing the whole point of why we started. It’s not to be your own boss and work from home. It’s not to have a flexible business and take pretty photos of yourself around the world.

I am in business to reach people around the world and actually make a difference, leave a legacy and be the woman I was born to be. I want to be proud of the business I am building every step of the way and with every dollar I make.

I want my daughter to be proud of every single thing I do in this business. This new monthly action post is for her. It’s not fun to leave my daughter at daycare. We tell her that mom and dad need to go HELP people and now all she says is, “I want to help. I want to help.” This monthly post and podcast needs to help someone. Instead of sharing how much money I made (which doesn’t actually help anyone), I am going to tell you the ACTIONS I took to make an impact and difference in other people’s lives in June 2016.
It’s hard work. It’s hustle. Nothing happens overnight. Be careful with who you trust and what information you allow inside of your head. Every day I call people in my community to check in and see how their career is going. I am daily hearing people say they are overwhelmed and consumed with all the information they are receiving on how to start a business from “business coaches” trying to be ‘business coaches” themselves.  It’s the cool thing to do, did you know?
Here’s the truth…I have been growing an internationally recognized online career platform for 6 years. Telling you what I earn after 6 years of growing my business in detail isn’t going to help you as you start a business.
Why? Because the only way my business has grown each year is through action and self-reflection. That’s why I want to help you take the action you need to take to create the dream business for you. Your ideal business is not what I have created here. My business is created just for me. I have my own purpose, strengths, passions and mission. But, I can tell you exactly what actions I am taking to grow my business and HELP people. I can tell you what actions are working and what actions are not working. I can tell you about the struggles I am facing and what I am 100% enjoying in my business.
Alright, enough intro, let’s do this thing.

What worked well in June:

  • $1 trials of our membership sites and introductory $7 offers for our mini-courses.
  • Doing more of what I love. Teaching every week on FB live and answering your questions on CCGTV.
  • Halfway Hustle Challenge. So much fun setting goals with you all for the second half of the year.
  • Planning out my goals before the month started and devoting one day a week only to strategy items with my husband and Chief Operating Officer, John. No administrative items one day per week.
  • Sharing my scary dreams with my masterminding mama bosses and hearing them say I should go for it!
  • Pinterest! 45% of my traffic to CCG in June! I also created a Love Your Work and Life Ladies group board that you are all welcome to join. We have almost 8K followers already. Send me a message!
  • Planning content a month in advance for the blog and pre-scheduling finalizing everything one week in advance.
  • VIDEOS!!!! on Facebook. Every single day. The engagement that I can get for $0 is insane. If you aren’t doing videos, start right now. In the same day, I posted a link to an article on my website and it got a reach of 30. I then posted a video and got a reach of 4,000. FB live is also a dramatic way to get reach for free on your Facebook page.
  • Daycare. So blessed to find a wonderful place for Mila after my nanny quit with no notice!! 🙁
  • Afternoon workouts (not morning). Sometimes you just have to listen to your body and go with your energy. I used to be a morning workout person but now my brain wants to create all this content first thing in the morning.
  • Snapchat. I love it! I find most followers watch all of my video stories unlike other platforms like Facebook where the platform doesn’t allow your followers to view your posts.
  • The monthly challenges in our membership sites -> What’s Your Calling Challenge and Attract More Clients challenges!
  • Weekly emails to members in our membership communities with highlights of resources and member spotlights each week.
  • No reading. Only creating. Confession: I didn’t read a single book in June. This is UNHEARD for me as I normally always have my head in a book. But, I realized I was reading books I didn’t really like and was not getting inspired by anything anymore…..
    I made a commitment to use the time I normally spend reading and instead produce content for you all instead. Instead of reading, I created 5 podcasts, 5 CCGTV episodes on YouTube, 40 blog posts (including editing guest articles), 4 Facebook Live events, and the Halfway Hustle last week. I think I am now hooked on this doing thing. I’m all about learning but sometimes you have to stop reading and start doing. Stop researching and start taking action. Are you ready to make July a month of doing with me?

What did not work well in June:

  • Our nanny quit with no notice by text message…..Unfortunately, my care.com experience was extremely frustrating and I have major trust issues with anyone who will be watching my daughter. 🙁
  • I fired my first employee. Guess that means I am a real CEO now! It’s tough to invest so much time into an employee and have it not work out. I always learn something new about being a manager though and it stretches me!
  • Our website got hacked! 🙁 I’ll explain more in a future post. For now, make sure you have a web developer you can call if this ever happened to your website. Not one overseas but someone you can pick up the phone and talk to when everything you worked so hard on disappears.
  • Not enough balance time. I did not stick to a workout routine so it’s ON my to-do list for next month!
  • Planning my meetup event for September here in San Diego got put on the backburner. Going to put it back on the list for July so we can get a location for our casual meetup. Hope you’ll join us if you are in San Diego! Save the date – September 16th.


  • Blog posts on CCG (including editing other guest contributors): 40
  • Podcast episodes: 4
  • Membership site Introduction videos: 2
  • YouTube CCGTV episodes: 5
  • Facebook Live events: 4
  • Teleseminars: 1
  • Phone calls made to my community: 70 (Yes really. I call my clients and potential clients personally. I surprise attendees of my courses. I love the personal touch).

Goals for Next Month (July 2016)

  • Update all blog posts with Pinterest images, SEO updates, and redirect old content. (This is big because we have over 1,500 articles here!)
  • Call everyone who has purchased something from me in the past 6 months (over 300 people!!)
  • Have a personal and teamwork retreat to work on CCG vision and strategy planning.
  • Plan September meetup event in San Diego.
  • Create and host the Grow Your email List challenge and Expand Your Network challenge in our membership communities.
  • Improving blog content, membership sites and customer experience. No promotion. No launches. No challenges. Sorry. I am pooped from June! 🙂
What did you think of our action report! I would love to hear!! Please leave a comment.

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