Find Your Next Job Opportunity With These 5 Steps
Job searching is tough. It’s tedious and time consuming. Most of us dread it, but it’s a necessary step in our professional development. Fortunately, many resources are available to facilitate the process. Among them are articles from Forbes, Time Inc., The Muse, Levo League, Looksharp, FindSpark, and of course, Classy Career Girl. As a young professional, I rely heavily on each of them for career advice.
No matter how much guidance I get from these outlets however, there are a few things that I was only able to learn through my own experience. I started my job search in August and I am thrilled to say that I was recently offered my first full-time position. Here’s what I learned during the job searching process.

Find Your Next Job Opportunity With These 5 Steps

1. It takes time

Recruiters are busy. Among other responsibilities, they have to sort through a pile of applications, look for potential candidates on LinkedIn, schedule interviews and meetings etc. Even when they need you to start as soon as possible, the logistics of hiring a candidate are complicated. So be patient.

2. Let go of control

It’s good to set a date by which you hope to get a job, but in reality, things rarely go as planned. I expected to find a job within two months of when I started in August, but instead, I received an offer after five months. When it comes to job searching, you can find a job opportunity sooner or later than you think. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t plan out the process, but quit trying to control time. Instead, focus on smaller, more realistic goals like attending at least one networking event per month or sending out two applications everyday. Accomplishing these goals will make you feel more in control and keep you motivated.
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3. Job rejection is rarely personal

The truth is, you can never really know why you didn’t get picked for a job. Maybe your long-term goals didn’t meet their expectations or you didn’t quite match the company’s culture. Or perhaps the recruiter felt a greater connection with another candidate because they had more things in common. There’s a myriad of reasons and sadly, not all of them are under your control. I used to take rejections personally, especially for jobs to which I dedicated a lot of time and effort, until I realized that the hiring process is highly subjective. You don’t become any less valuable after a rejection. Don’t feel discouraged when that happens. Keep doing your best and trust that the right job opportunity will come in due time.

4. Your social media matters

The line between your personal and professional life is pretty much nonexistent online. Recruiters are everywhere and they are watching. I heard many stories of people getting hired through social media and they have changed the way I use my accounts. You can leverage them for your career. With that said, I still share some personal information on Twitter. I just spend more time curating stuff. Make sure the content of your social media is aligned with your long-term goals.

5. Networking is key

Gone are the days when we had to apply to a job in-person. Finding your next job opportunity is now just a few clicks away. Most people choose this option because it’s much more convenient, but it makes it easier for their resume to vanish into a black hole. Most jobs these days aren’t advertised. To tap into the hidden job market and maximize their job search, one must actively network. Among other resources, I use LinkedIn to connect with recruiters and other industry insiders. I also regularly attend events, not to ask people if they’re hiring (which you shouldn’t do), but to find out more about my industries of interest and meet new people.

What are some things that you’ve learned while job searching? Let me know in the comments.

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