9 Red Flags to Consider When Accepting a Job Offer
Not every job offer is a yes. Sometimes there are some red flags that will really make you not want to accept. As much as you might be stuck in your current job or even unemployed, don’t accept if you see any of these red flags.

9 Red Flags to Consider When Accepting a Job Offer

1. You felt uneasy about the interview.
2. It isn’t a 100% yes.
3. Something just doesn’t feel right about the job.
4. It wasn’t clear why the person left before you and you feel like they aren’t telling you everything.
5. The job description is very vague.
6. You didn’t meet the person you would actually be working for.
7. They are moving through the job offer process really fast through the hiring process and it seems like you are the only person they interviewed.
8. They didn’t ask many questions during the interview.
9. They talked more than you in the interview.

What to do if you are on the fence:

First, tell them you need some time to think about the job offer before you make a decision. Ask for 24 hours to think about it. Discuss the red flags above with a trusted friend or family member. Write down all the pros and cons. Then get your mind off of it and go do something fun and relaxing. Then, come back to it with a fresh perspective.
Now, what does your gut say? Journal and meditate about it. If you aren’t excited about it, there is nothing wrong with letting this opportunity pass.
I once did this because the interviewer kept calling me over and over and was rushing the job offer process. I felt rushed to make a decision and overwhelmed. I felt like I didn’t have enough information and didn’t know what to do. I was also going through a hard personal time that week as well so the rushing of the process was too much to handle. I just sent an email that said I was no longer interested and was very much at peace about the situation afterwards. As much as I wanted a new opportunity, something didn’t feel right. They eventually laid off thousands of employees a few months later so my intuition was very much right. And a new opportunity came up at work which was a million times better than that job ever would have been. Be patient!

Keep in mind:

To avoid jumping into the wrong job, before the interview and after the interview you should be talking to people that work for that company. You should be doing then best you can to get the insider’s perspective on the company and the job offer. Do research online and see what reviews former employees had about the company. A great place to start is glassdoor.com.
Also, look at Linkedin and find someone who used to work at the company and pick their brain. Never start a job where you haven’t talked to someone who already works there (and is not the interviewer).

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