5 Warning Signs to Turn Down a Job Offer
It’s a great feeling to receive a job offer, especially if you have been searching for the job for so long. At last, another employer has recognized your potential and they want to hire you.
So, you go for the interview and negotiate the offer. But before accepting it, take a deep breath and ask yourself, is this what you really want? Sometimes even after receiving that exciting phone call of a job offer, it becomes clear that it’s just not the right thing to do. Breaking up is hard, especially when it involves declining a job offer you have really waited for.
But you can save yourself from having to choose between jobs and watch out for these five signs when you need to turn down a job offer.


5 Warning Signs to Turn Down a Job Offer

1. Terms of The Job Offer Are Unclear and Unsatisfactory

Perhaps you didn’t get the rank you wanted, the salary is not enough or you did not get that vacation that you wanted. If there are unclear circumstances in your job offer during negotiations or you are unsatisfied with the terms, this may be a sign that you need to turn down the offer.
Turning the job down can lead to resentment and frustration. At the same time, if you sign that contract, you may have to wait until a scheduled performance review is done to ask for changes. This seems like a long wait!

2. The Job Responsibilities Are Unclear

After you have shown up for the interview, you should have a clear picture of your job details and how your job performance will be measured. If the interviewer presents different answers about what you are required to do, or where there are unclear goals to work towards, then it’s a warning sign that you need to re-think about the job offer. You could be walking yourself into failure if you have no clear picture of what your job duties are.
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3. Company’s Bad Reputation

In this era, the internet has made it easy for people to gather information on what their current and former employees say about a company. You can also reach out to former employees of the company via Linkedin or check Glassdoor to know what the former employees of the company have to say.
Similarly, before going to the interview perform a background check on the employer’s company, including their financial situation. This is a crucial part of preparing for a job interview. There are several websites that offer open forums where former and current employees can rate companies. Look for them and also reach out to some of the networking contacts to get more information about your employer.

4. You Have a Feeling You Won’t Get Along With The Boss or Co-Workers

Bosses can be your heroes, but they can also be prison wardens. Working with a boss that you share the same ideas with can really make a big difference in your job performance and happiness. It is important to discuss your work and communication styles with your boss to ensure that they’re in line with yours.
But it is also important to listen to your instincts. If you don’t like what the manager is proposing at the first interview, it may be better to turn down a job offer.

5. There is No Chance For Growth

Getting a job offer can be great and it can be even more interesting if it is competitive. But, if there is no room for you to grow, then it’s like a dead end. Every job needs to elevate you to a higher level which means progression and advancement. If there is nothing to show up for in long-run, this is a sign that you should drop it as soon as possible.
It’s never easy to turn down a job offer, especially when you have worked so hard to get one. But it won’t break you to wait for the right job and not just saying yes to any job that comes your way. Remember that the employer shortlisted you because they saw you had the right skills for the job. Since you are great and most employers want to hire you, learn to identify the jobs that fit you and don’t be afraid to turn down a job that you don’t want.

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