Your Quick Guide to Job Applications
Ready to start submitting job applications but don’t know where to start? You are in the right place! Once you know the career you love, the only thing standing in your way is submitting that pesky job application form, right?
But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to take hours to submit a quality application. Here is a handy list that you should use for every job you apply to online.
The truth is that the more time you spend ensuring a quality application, the greater your chances are for getting an interview.

Here is your guide to submitting job applications successfully:

☐ Read the instructions carefully.

Take the time to read all the instructions and briefly review the full application before you start to fill it out. This prevents repeating information or putting it in the wrong place.

☐ Apply within the first week a job is posted.

Research shows your chances of getting a call back are higher if you get the application in as soon as possible.

☐ Get Referred.

Research shows you are ten times more likely to get a call back if you have an employee referral. Don’t apply online yourself before discussing it with the person who will refer you. Check out section 5 (Community and Networking) for tips on how to get referred.

☐ Upload a PDF Resume.

If possible, choose to upload your resume instead of cutting and pasting it if the option is available. This ensures the cleanest and most organized presentation.

☐ Only Apply to a Company Once.

Recruiters notice multiple submissions and it reflects poorly on you. It shows you don’t know what you want and you probably aren’t a good fit. If you need to reapply, avoid creating a duplicate record in the system by using a different email address.

☐ Record a Professional Voicemail.

Be sure when they call and you don’t answer, it represents you in the best light! Most of the time I recommend letting the call go to voicemail so you can have some time to think about how best to respond.

☐ Check Your Spam Folder and Settings.

Filters are so sensitive these days! Sometimes they can’t recognize the real emails that you need to see quickly! Be on the lookout in your spam folder, so you don’t miss important emails associated with your job applications.

☐ Respond to Follow-up Calls Within 24 Hours.

No excuses. Even if you are on vacation, give them a call back before they lose patience and move to the next qualified person.

☐ Fill In All the Details

Never leave anything blank or say “refer to resume” as this comes across as lazy. Complete details as requested and include N/A only if the question does not apply to you.

☐ Avoid Specifying Salary Requirements

Avoid stating a specific salary requirement on the application form. Either give a range or write “open” or “negotiable”. The best route is honesty so don’t worry about including your current salary. Most employers know that they will need to provide a raise to get you to move companies. Honesty is always the best policy.
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Which tip are you going to implement the next time you apply online?

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