It’s time to celebrate your accomplishments ladies! (VIDEO)

Career Tip of the Day: Focus On Your Accomplishments.

Career Tip of the Day: Today I want you to focus on your accomplishments, not your mistakes and everything that has gone wrong. Often (as women) we focus so much on what went wrong and our mistakes that we forget to celebrate all of the awesome things we are doing! This is why every morning I write down three success I had the previous day.

Write down today what has gone really well this year. What have your accomplishments been lately?

After you do this, then we can start thinking about what you want to accomplish next year. Yes 2015 is already upon us!

So what have been your big accomplishments in 2014? I want to know! Share in the comments!

Here are a few of mine:

1) Pushing out a baby (no meds..holymoley! Accomplishment of a lifetime actually!)

2) Speaking internationally in Brazil.

3) Publishing a book.

Woohoo! What are yours?

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