It’s HOT! Can I Go Sleeveless to Work in the Summer?

Dear Classy Career Girl,

Thank you so much for the advice, I typically follow the rules you have set for “classy” career wear, but am dreading a business trip to DC next week with lots of walking in the heat. But, I’ve decided I just need to suck it up, keep my arms covered and put on some cute flats. However, Michelle Obama regularly has her arms bare at Congress. Do you think I can also get away with that? 


Armed and Ready For Work

Can I Go Sleeveless at Work?

Dear Armed,
Funny you ask this because I just went to work once last week with bare arms! I had a suit jacket on but my office mate actually uses a heater in the summer (crazy I know) and I was SO hot so I took the suit jacket off for a bit. I didn’t feel extremely comfortable walking around the office without my jacket, but when I was sitting at my desk I was comfortable with my bare arms since no one really sees me sitting there. So, I think it depends on your meetings.
Will you be presenting to other people and be put on the spot in front of a lot of people? If so, I would wear a jacket, especially if your office is extremely professional. But, if you have a less formal environment and you are outside walking around a lot or your office is hot, I think it is totally fine to show arms. I would just bring a jacket around with you and have it ready to throw on at all times. You want to be able to blend in with other people.

So I hope that helps! I say go for it and have the jacket ready to go! Good luck!

Now, if I only had Michelle Obama’s arms. Michelle, if you are reading this, I would like to interview you on how Classy Career Girls can get your arms so we can look as good as you at work! 🙂

What is your advice for Armed? Should she go sleeveless at work?

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