7 Great Tips for a Successful Video Job Interview
Video interviews are slowly changing the way people communicate and do business. Most companies consider technology to be less time-consuming and much more favorable regarding job interviews. This is exactly the reason why the majority of companies conduct their interviews using video channels. A video interview can be scheduled much easier than a classic one and the transportation costs are non-existent.
Therefore, in order to find a great job in tomorrow’s market, you must learn how to properly act during a video interview. In today’s post, we will teach you exactly how to conduct a successful video job interview.

7 Great Tips for a Successful Video Job Interview

1. Plan Ahead

If you are required to attend an online interview with your employer, make sure you prepare for it. Before anything else, remember to send out vital materials such as your resume and your qualifications. Your employer must review your certifications before the interview. If the interview will take place in your office, make sure to clean and prepare the room for the attendant. The first impression counts a lot, so ensure to give the proper one.
If you are not well-adjusted with the equipment and software that you will use during the interview, remember to acquire the skills needed before you start. Having technical problems during the interview will definitely put you in a bad position.

2. Test Your Video and Audio Systems

Making sure that your video and audio systems work properly is a must before having an important interview. Don’t think that if everything was alright at the last interview, you don’t need to do a last-minute check.
As we said earlier, having tech problems during an interview may lower your chances of getting hired. Considerably. After you’ve checked everything, make sure that your Wi-Fi connection works properly. It’s advisable to make a short video call to see if you encounter interruptions. Do this before the actual interview.

3. Pick Your Clothes Wisely

Most of us would think that if the interview is done from the comfort of our home you don’t need to dress elegantly. Dressing in a professional manner shows that you are serious about the job and that you wish to create a good first impression. So, make sure you take a moment to think about what clothes you should put on.
Before choosing your desired outfit, ensure that your clothes fit the job you are applying for, and also the company’s culture. Let’s say you are applying for a human resources position. In this case, you should wear a nice suit. If for example, you are applying for a gym teacher position, you should wear workout clothes. Dressing accordingly is extremely important during an online interview, and it shows that you are prepared to represent the organization.
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4. Choose a Clear Background

In order to have a quiet and calm interview, you should remember to choose a distraction-free background. To prevent interruptions during your interview, you should set yourself up in a quiet and private room.
If you have kids, call someone to take care of them while you are having the interview. Having a clear background is important because your face should be the primary point of attention. If the wall behind you is full of pictures or colors, the interviewer will have a hard time focusing on your speech.

5. Smile!

Smiling during an interview is crucial if you wish to send good vibes to your interviewer. But remember, too much smiling may make you look creepy. Showing confidence and enthusiasm through your smile is great and try to do it as much as possible. But don’t force it, let yourself be natural and everything will work out just fine.
Don’t try to be goofy. This is an interview and you should treat it as such. Smiling while communicating in a calm and serious way shows the employer that you are a pleasant person to work with. Owning good social skills is an important trait that your interviewer will take into consideration when deciding who will occupy the vacant position.

6. Show Creativity

Showing creativity is always great when trying to win a job contest. Being creative always comes with benefits in every field of activity. Let’s say you are applying for a chef position. In these circumstances, you may choose to conduct the interview from your kitchen while preparing your favorite dish.
What can be more pleasant than this? The interviewer will instantly see that you are passionate about what you are doing and this may lead to a fruitful collaboration. Try to surprise your interviewer, make him remember you!

7. During the Interview

Before starting your interview, make sure that everything is in order, that you have dressed accordingly, that your background is clean and bright, and that you are in a good state of mind. Remember to make eye contact and to smile often.
Nevertheless, you should pay attention to your body language and use it to make a good first impression. If you are accustomed to NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), you might be able to understand what your employer expects from you. No matter what, keep your head up and go get your dream job.
Conducting an online interview is not such a hard task after all. Applying these tips will help you a lot throughout this process. Remember: video interviews are the future. Therefore, ensure that you learn how to act and talk properly.  An online interview gives you the opportunity to be creative and show your true personality.

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