How to Succeed With The New Instagram Algorithm
This is making a lot of people worried! It’s a new Instagram Algorithm that changes how you view your feed. If you haven’t heard yet, Instagram is now headed in the direction of Facebook and Pinterest where unless your followers are liking and commenting on your posts, they may not see what you post any longer.
What this means? Now Instagram will show you photos it thinks you want to see.  But wait, why is this bad? I think this is great! Do you know how many BAD photos (and ads) I see on a daily basis. I am excited about this change! Anyone else?
If you think I am crazy that this Instagram algorithm update is actually GREAT news, here are the mindset shifts you need to make ASAP. 

How to Succeed With The New Instagram Algorithm

1. Focus on Building Your Email List, Not Your Followers

In my Corporate Rescue Plan course, I teach that it is more important to rely on building a solid EMAIL LIST than it is relying on one social media platform. If you have a list with 15 people right now, you may have more going for you than the Instagram followers with 100,000 followers with no list. Seriously!
There is a reason why the lessons in my course I prioritize the lessons so my students know what they need to tackle first. Starting your email list is lesson 6. Starting an Instagram account is lesson 13 in advanced training. Having an email list is a million times more important than having a “popular” Instagram page so before you read any farther, start your email list now.
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2. Dive Into Instagram Ads 

Instagram ads work beautifully and when we tested them did even better than Facebook ads for us. I know we all hate looking at them but let’s face it, they can be improved SO MUCH right now. The Instagram ads I am getting make me so annoyed but the ones that catch my eye are the different and creative ones. That’s where you come in to stand out and bring something unique to the table. We need you!
If you are annoyed that you have to pay to be seen on Facebook and Instagram, remember that the whole point of advertising isn’t to be throwing money away. The goal is to put $1 in and get way more than that out. You aren’t throwing money away, you are getting a return if you test and tweak and don’t give up!
Did you know? Facebook now has coaches to walk you through this and it’s free. Someone on our team talks directly to a Facebook ad coach every few weeks. Why is this important? Because Facebook owns Insatgram! They want you to succeed. Be willing to ask for help.

3. Start Snapping

Get on snapchat as soon as you can. It’s something to investigate especially now that swarms of people are moving over from Instagram. I joined a few weeks ago and actually am shocked that I love it. You can find me on Snapchat @classycareer.
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4. Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

Here’s the secret to standing out on Instagram, create great content. As long as you are creating great stuff with great pics and ENGAGING with others, the algorithm isn’t a problem. It is a problem if you aren’t spending time creating quality content for your target market. Maybe it’s time to step it up?
If you have been using Instagram for awhile, look back and see what content does great! Republish it or create more photos and quote images just like what did great previously.

5. Collaboration

At this time, it’s more important than ever to regram and share other people’s content on Instagram (and every other site) and help each other out. Grab a partner or two in here and offer to repost pics, like, comment or share feedback and tips and tricks. 
Follow CCG on Instagram and see how we are standing out and not caring about the algorithm change that everyone else is worried about….. www.instagram.com/classycareergirl

Questions about the Instagram Algorithm update? Post them in the comments below and also post your Instagram links so we can make sure we are following you!

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