Increase Your Happiness While Running a Business

I wanted to quickly share with you a commitment that we have at CCG. 

Our commitment is to serve women stuck in their jobs by giving them crystal-clear content that makes taking action and finding career fulfillment easy. Our mission is Career fulfillment for all women. So if you are listening, that is our goal and on that note. I want to make this podcast super useful for you. I want it to be crystal clear and helps you take action and find carer fulfillment.

So on the note of fulfillment and happiness, today’s podcast is all about fulfillment as a business owner. Now if you aren’t a business owner, this podcast will still be helpful for you no matter what career you are in. So let’s dive in and learn How to Increase Your Happiness While Running a Business.


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How to Increase Your Happiness While Running a Business

There are a lot of unhappy entrepreneurs in the world. To me, someone who is happy and doing what they love is a real success. So, we are going to talk about looking inside and making sure you are doing more of the stuff you are designed to do in your business. 

You might feel like a change is needed in your business. Maybe it’s not making you very happy or you aren’t doing the things you thought you would be doing when you started.

To get started, ask yourself these questions:

1) What do you enjoy most about the current work you do or the work you have done in the past?

2) What could you do for hours and hours and not get bored?

3) What tasks drain you and what tasks give you more energy?

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3 Things That Lead to Career Satisfaction (and Increase Your Happiness!) 

  • Interests: What were the things you could do for hours and hours and not get bored when you were a kid
  • Motivations: What are your values, what are your goals? Are you looking for freedom, to make an impact, spend more times with your kids? These may change over time, and that is okay! 
  • Favorite Skills: What are you good at and what do you actually enjoy doing?  I am great at accounting, but I hated it. Today, I do more teaching and it is what I really love. 

Career Tip 

Do what you WANT to do instead of what you feel like you should do. It’s so easy to just go along that path with what you should do.

You can save yourself so much time and trouble if you just start with what you want to do! Are you doing what you want to do or what you should do?

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