Read this if you aren’t reaching your goals

This could actually be the best time to find a new career.

People NEED help. Volunteer or internship activities or part-time jobs to get experience to add to your resume.

People have more time to do informational interviews and talk to you virtually for 15 minutes.

You can easily start your own business from the internet and reach millions of clients with a click of a button. Businesses ARE growing when they solve a PROBLEM and adapt to continue to solve problems.

You can easily reach out to millions of people online right now with a click of the button. Companies are hiring right now because they are companies that are solving problems. Be a problem solver!

Either way you’ll be so much further ahead by researching and learning and taking action.

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Here Are The Common False Beliefs People Have About Reaching Their Goals:

1) I don’t have enough time.

So one of the first common false beliefs that people have is they think I don’t have enough time to reach my goals. And if you think this, I want to challenge you on this, because when it comes to creating your goals in the planning system that I’m going to teach you, it’s not about doing more. You don’t need more time. You just need to be focused on doing the right things, your priorities.

2) Believing that you were not born productive.

The second false belief is believing that you were not born productive, and there’s no way you can become more productive and become more disciplined because you just weren’t born that way. And I want to challenge you on this, if you think this, because being productive is a skill that you can develop. No one is born this way. This is a skill that I have had to develop too. I wasn’t born a great planner. This is something that I have worked on in order to make my goals happen. So think of being more productive as a skill that you can develop.

3) Thinking that you are not disciplined enough.

I’ve heard this over and over again. And here’s what I want to tell you. It doesn’t require much discipline when you are doing work you love. And when you are working on goals that you are excited and motivated for. So if you haven’t had discipline in the past, most likely it’s because you’ve had goals that aren’t motivating you. They aren’t pushing you. Because when you set the right goals, discipline isn’t an issue. Spend your time focusing on what you love and discipline will be easy.

4) I tried before my goals and it didn’t work. So I’m just going to give up now.

You absolutely cannot give up no matter what. If something didn’t work before, you just have to try something different. It’s that easy cause we have all failed. Trust me, I have failed a lot. And the whole reason I am where I am right now is because of my past failures. I’ve had to learn from them so that I could grow personally and business could grow. So just think of some ways that you can change things up, do things a little different. You already are because you’re in this course, and that’s going to teach you how to do things differently.

5) I don’t have any money!

You’re probably thinking you need a lot of money to start a business or change your career, WRONG! There are so many free options available these days. It’s so easy to get started! If you are starting a business, there are free ways to grow your audience, free ways to start a website, free ways to start an email list, free ways to find your ideal clients online. Money should NOT stop you from starting to sell a beta version of your product and get cash flowing in. Your product doesn’t need to be perfect to start, just start somewhere!

And if you want to change jobs, you definitely don’t need a ton of money to make your dream happen. There are people out there right now who need you to help them in their company. They are waiting for you! It doesn’t take money to find them!

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