Do-It-Yourself PR With Icon Coach, David Fagan
David T. Fagan, founder of IconCoach.com, presented his topic of Do-It-Yourself PR at Infusionsoft’s user conference, ICON. David is all about helping people become Icons in their industry.
How would you like your “Brand” to be taken more seriously and valued more preciously? If you can raise your Icon status, then you can attract more clients and be paid more for your expertise. 

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How to Become a Highly Paid Expert Through Image, Expertise and Advice

1. Vision

Create a vision so big you have to step up to it to become. Expect more for yourself.

2. Simplify

Learn to make complex things simple.  This means a pure, clean website, not a bunch of optins.

3. Create Experiences

What is the experience you are creating for people. Like Disney and Mastercard, you should provide a priceless experience.  What is the priceless experience you are selling?

4. Not Everyone Should Write a Book

Should you write a book? Ask yourself, does the world need it? Are you the right person to author it? Are there multiple ways to make money from it?  Yes, yes and yes? Great, you are writing a book! If not, go back to the drawing board because you aren’t quite ready yet.

5. Stand Out

You need to have an unfair advantage. Why should your customer pick you? You can’t be the world’s best kept secret.

6. Don’t Audition

Tom Hanks doesn’t audition. Too many out there are auditioning for clients and customers. Don’t audition. Make your work, your brand and your authority stand out instead. Let your body of work speak for yourself.

7. Packaging matters

Be the Tiffany box instead of a paper bag.  You want people to anticipate opening up your stuff.

8. Prepare To Be Googled

Your website is more important than anything else. People are going to google you first.

9. Not Everyone Is Ready For Media

Are you worthy of a media interview yet? Answer these questions. Are you and your topics newsworthy? Do you have an expert status? Are you fascinating? If so, it’s time to start pitching and go get on the news!

10. Be You

Be authentic and be yourself. Authenticity is when someone is really good at being themselves or “Being good at Being you.” That’s how you can really be an ICON. When you just become more of who you really are.


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