Questions to help you get your life back on track

I was as in a rough spot. 

The first few months after having a baby was tough. I was exclusively pumping because my daughter had a tongue tie. She couldn’t transfer any milk. She wasn’t gaining weight. 

I could not get a break. 

I visited the lactation consultant every week. There was even a time where I hired someone to get groceries and fold my laundry for me because between nursing, pumping and taking care of my baby, I literally never left the couch….how was I going to grow and take care of my business and life.

I told my husband I needed some alone time. Something was off. I wasn’t working. Lots of tears. Lots of frustration. I felt out of control. Not myself. Ready to give up on my career and business dreams.

I walked through these questions that really helped me get back on track and I really encourage you to write your own answers to these questions today:

-> When your life ends, what do you want people to say?

-> If you knew you could not fail, what would you do?

-> What inspires you and makes you happy?

-> What are your natural talents and gifts?

-> What are your values?

-> What do you really love to do at work?

-> What is most important to you?

-> What is your why?

-> What patterns or habits do you have that are stopping you from making progress?

-> What do you need to do to become more successful?

These questions brought me back to myself again. Journaling brought me back and was the beginning of the new me…as a working mother. What I wrote down helped me change the direction of my business. Brought me to an even higher level and let me see what was possible.

Looking back I know I was thinking too small previously. I needed to go through this trying time so I could start thinking and dreaming bigger.

Have a great day!


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