I Love My Career Case Study- Vivian Ly: “I got 3 job offers!”
Welcome to the first edition of the “I Love My Career” series which aims to celebrate women (and my clients) who are stepping up and making HUGE leaps in their careers. I love sharing the real and raw truth on what it takes to achieve career success.
One of the reasons I love my job is I get to work with ambitious women and let me tell you, Vivian is one of them. This girl was so determined to find a career she loved. I was not surprised when she emailed me to tell me that she got THREE job offers and needed help deciding between them!  This girl is going places and I can’t wait to see her career unfold. Thanks Vivian for sharing your story and inspiring us to not settle in our careers.Tell us about the career you love!
I could not be happier in my career right now! I am an Executive Recruiter at CyberCoders. I work with people who are happy and positive. I am on the same page with my co-workers intellectually and we can have great conversations. My managers understand me. They push me and make me not afraid to fail.

What do you think made the biggest difference in your job search?

Definitely, LinkedIn! Recruiters found me through my LinkedIn profile. It was really helpful to make sure I had the right keywords in my profile. Another thing that helped a lot were informational interviews. This helped me get intel on the company. With the intel, I was able to sell myself better in their language.

Were there moments of fear and doubt?

At first, I was a tad frustrated because I still couldn’t figure out a career path and my life was getting more hectic by the day. I didn’t want to settle for a job that didn’t fit me. There were times I wasn’t sure what to do. I didn’t want to take the wrong offer since I had three offers.

What helped you get over the fear and doubt?

Over the summer, I was intensively interviewing and in that process many of the things we talked about in Love Your Career Formula played through my head. By visualizing what I hoped my first job would be like, whether it was the environment, pay structure, skills needed or the type of people I would be working with, I was able to really understand what I wanted.

How did Anna and the Love Your Career Formula help you find a career you love?

It really helped to create the career vision of what I wanted in your course. Writing it down and asking myself the tough questions. Getting more detail about my career vision instead of being vague. Through your course, I discovered what I was passionate about. Because I had gone through my prior accomplishments in your course, it also was a lot easier to show my value during interviews. Carefully going through my skills and reviewing the personality test helped me narrow down career fields.
From the three job offers I got, I listed my required criteria of my dream job and which one matched my values from your course. It really helped me make a better decision. The best offer came in and it lined up exactly with my ideal career outline and the culture I wanted at my dream job.

Do you have any other advice to women who want to find a career they love, too?

Network anywhere and everywhere. I once networked in a bar in a bathroom and it turned into a great informational interview with a PR agent. Make every effort to talk with everyone around you. Put feelers out and start building relationships.
Also, take advantage of the activities in Anna’s course because they play a major role in making a sound career choice. I was able to rank the attributes that were the most important to me logically, and follow my heart. I wanted to thank you for that! For my first job out of college, I’ve gotten everything I could have ever wanted. I know I’ll just be going up from here.

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