What is a great gift for my references?
Dear Classy Career Girl,
I have been job hunting since April and finally got a wonderful job offer yesterday that I accepted. I have a small list of references that have been so wonderful and have taken quite a few calls for me these past couple of months and I’d like to get each a small gift as a thank you.
Any suggestions?
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Ideas for Gifts for My References

Yes, I do have suggestions! When I got accepted to business school, I was so appreciative of all of my references and I really wanted to get them great gifts. It was tough to find the perfect gift but it really does mean a lot when you spend the time to make sure it is personal.
When you initially ask them to be a reference, make sure you are thinking ahead. Listen carefully and look around their office to see if you can find any great gift ideas.  You can even ask them at that time where they like to eat and shop.
They will be so impressed when you remember what they said a few weeks later!
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I had two references who were both very different in personality so I knew that I needed to get them each something different for it to be personal. I got one of my recommenders a bottle of wine. (If you are doing wine, make sure you know if they drink first!)
I gave a Starbucks gift card to my other recommender. She drank Starbucks every day so I knew she would love it! Another idea is to take them out to lunch or dinner to celebrate! I love this idea because it helps you connect and further your relationship even more.
You never know when you might need their help again in the future so it is important to continue the relationship. Flowers or a plant is also a great idea because it would be a great reminder of you every day. Just be careful who can’t keep plants alive for longer than a few days (like me!)! 🙂
Also, MAKE SURE you write a personal thank you card also! Tell them that you got the job (thanks to them!) and you are so thankful for their positive words about you. Also, continue to share with them your successes on your job because they helped you get there!

Would love to hear your thoughts! What are some great gifts for references?

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