Turn Your Goals into an Organized Plan

Last Sunday, I went live and shared the 3 super simple strategies to turn your goals into an organized plan. And so excited to share this in our new podcast episode! Let’s tune in.

The first thing I want to mention is that if you’ve failed at planning out your goals and reaching your goals in the past, it’s not your fault. 

Me too! I’ve failed much more than I have succeeded. You absolutely cannot give up no matter what. Change things up. Try different things. Ask for help. You can get better results by trying something different.

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If you’ve lost a job or had to close a business, it’s ok. There’s a lot of information out there and it can be confusing. Many times that information overload keeps you from success. It’s okay.

If you’ve been concerned in the past that you just can’t succeed with reaching your 2021 goals. I want you to put those fears to rest, you can do this. You just need the right person to explain it to you.

There are many planners and time management systems out there that want you to think that you need to wake up earlier, be more organized or just work harder at your goals to achieve success, happiness and balance.

My goal is to help two types of women.

  1. For those who are just starting a career transition and have no idea what they want to be when they grow up, you’ll get a plan you can use to figure out what your dream career is and how to make it happen.
  2. And for those of you who want to start a business or create a new income stream from home but have no idea what steps to start with, you’ll get a formula to know how to figure out what your ideal business is and what steps to take first.

In order for you to reach your career goals, you must first have a PLAN.

The ONLY PLANNING SYSTEM that actually works (for busy women) is my SIMPLE PLAN System.

In this episode, you will learn to:

  • Discover how to make bite sized steps to get where you want to go successfully.
  • The best way to plan out the next year.
  • See how to create an “Easy To Implement” Plan to get motivation and kick your business back in gear or to start a new side hustle.
  • How to make actual progress on your 2021 goals so you don’t face overwhelm and burnout.

3 Super Simple Strategies To Turn Your Goals Into an Organized Plan

Secret #1: A 5-10 Year Vision > A Simple Strategy To Figure Out Where You Want To Be In the Future

Vision is so important and one of the biggest mistakes people make when creating their goals on January 1st. We create goals for the year without figuring out where we want to go. In order to create your 2021 goals, you have to first figure out where you want to go. Then what we do over the next year is going to help us reach that long term goal. Before you even write down a goal, we have to figure out your vision.

One of the very best and easiest things you can do to figure out your vision is to figure out your role Models – to figure out who inspires you. Who else is doing what you want to do someday? Who’s  website do you visit and say wow, I’m inspired. I want to do that. 

Secret #2: The Annual Plan Roadmap > How to Narrow Down Your Annual Goals and Identify Your First Step in Less Than 10 Minutes

So many people get  overwhelmed creating their plan for the year  so this is going to be super helpful  for you. But first before you get worried because your plans always change like on January 2nd. When you implement my planning system,  you are going  to learn that plans can change but dreams don’t! We can’t give up on our dreams even though it’s been a crazy year.

Maybe you lost a job or income stream or something happened for you that you weren’t expecting. When you are using my planning system and reviewing your annual plan quarterly, you’ll be able to change your plan as needed but you never have to change your dream!

We may have to change things up and do things differently. You may have to try something new or make a pivot, solve a new problem and adapt to what’s happening in our world, but you don’t have to give up on your dream because this year was a tough one. And you still have 90 days left of 2020! We can still reach your dreams with  the right plan, No giving up allowed here.

Secret #3: My 90-Day Planning Hack > How To Come Up With Steps to Achieve Goals and Schedule the Completion of the Steps

If you are feeling overwhelmed with an annual goal and never actually complete your annual  goals. That’s why I am excited  to teach you this quarterly planning process that will change everything for you.

More than anything, I want you to find career fulfillment and that’s why I am so passionate about talking about setting goals and creating plans. I truly believe that the right plan can allow you to make your dream life happen so that you can do what you love EVERYDAY.

I did it and so can you!

90-Day Planning System for Your Goals

Now when you begin, it’s not going to be super easy. I get it. That’s why I’ve created some phases that you’ll go through and planning will get easier and more fun over time! 

The cool thing is that my system for 90-day planning didn’t just work for me, it works for all kinds of people.

So here are the 6 phases you’ll go through when implementing my 90 day planning system into your life.

1) You’re probably thinking that everyone is going to think you are crazy if you step outside of your comfort zone.

Well actually….. Yes, they will but who cares!! Honestly, they are jealous. When I told HR I was quitting, they were jealous, when I ran into a former co-worker, he was jealous. He’s stuck in the same place.

2) You’re probably thinking that you are too nervous to do something uncomfortable and scary.

Well actually, when it’s on the path of your dream, it’s actually fun and exciting and that will push you through!!

3) You’re probably thinking no one will think of you as an expert or respect what you do.

Well actually, when you are passionate about what you are talking about, it commands attention and people will listen.

4) You’re probably thinking that there is too much competition.

Well actually, no one is like YOU!! You have strengths different from everyone else out there!

5) Now you’re probably thinking you aren’t disciplined enough.

Well actually I had a client at one of my events say that she was not disciplined enough too. And instead we broke down her goals to what she should do in 30 days, 60 days and 90 days. Ohhh…that’s not that hard. I can do this!

6) Now you are probably thinking it didn’t work before so why should you set goals?

And lastly, I also heard that you’ve tried to reach your goals before but it didn’t work. Me too! I’ve failed much more than I have succeeded.

You absolutely cannot give up no matter what. Change things up. Try different things. Ask for help. You can get better results by trying something different.

CLASS Community and PLAN Live Implementation Day

Now I really wanted to give you everything you need to make your dream career happen so as part of this package, you’re going to get my membership community, CLASS. CLASS is where we go way deeper together….

You’ll get these three things each month as a member: And Each week you’ll get an email with me with your schedule. 

First, you’ll get The Love Your Work and Life System™ Video Training Program

This is my proven career change system that guarantees that you identify and create your perfect career or business by leveraging proven, what’s working now, job searching and business growth strategies. 

Second thing you’ll get in CLASS is you’ll get Live Weekly Group coaching calls with ME.

Yes, with me. We are going to do this together. You can get an audit, a resume review, a hot seat, a website review a social media review or just talk your issue out with me. And if you are struggling with where to start you can  join me for  a quick start session and I can tell  you where to start.

And the third thing, Quarterly PLAN LIVE Implementation Day (October 1st and January 7th).

Where we’ll create your vision, annual plan and 90 day plan TOGETHER. This is so much fun to do every quarter!! Our next one is this Thursday and you do not want to miss it! And if you are a member you’ll also get access to the recording as well.



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