How to Turn a Seasonal Job Into a Full-Time Opportunity
I spent another great morning speaking about how to turn seasonal jobs into full-time opportunities at San Diego 6 News! If you have a temporary job and you want to turn it into a full-time opportunity, you definitely to read this info.
If you missed the segment, here are my tips: 

How to Turn a Seasonal Job into a Full-Time Opportunity?

  • Be a go-getter and do your best to stand out from the rest of the temporary employees
  • Keep your eyes open for opportunities to showcase those skills your boss may not be aware of, and always offer to help with a project, stay late, or fill in for a coworker when needed.
  • Pay attention to the business side of things. Keep a running list of potential changes or improvements that may help increase efficiency and profitability
  • Make it known to your boss that you want a full-time opportunity.  No one can read your mind.  You have to ask for help.
  • Even though my segment was about finding jobs in California, many of these strategies can be used no matter where you are searching for a job.

What are some things you don’t want to do?  Some mistakes people make?

  • Don’t think of it as a temporary job, think of it as a trial period before you get a full-time job, change your mindset and it will reflect your commitment on the job.
  • Don’t tell people you are really busy with school or family, etc. they will think you aren’t serious about a full-time job

How can you use your network to land that full-time job?

  • Introduce yourself to everyone that works there and attend all networking events.  Get to know as many people as possible.
  • Identify the decision makers at your job who make the hiring decisions and get on their radar.

What happens if it is over and you didn’t get an opportunity?

  • Make the effort to keep in touch with both coworkers and bosses, because you never know where they may end up in the future.
  • Social media tools like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can be a great way to keep in touch with everyone and stay up-to-date on what they are doing.

What if you get the job, how should you spend the first 90 days to make yourself successful?

  • Establish expectations with your boss.
  • Soak up as much as you can. Observe the culture.
  • Say yes to lunch.
  • Show enthusiasm.
  • Write down your goals.

 Have you ever turned a temporary, seasonal job into a full-time role?  What are your tips?

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