How To Transform Your College Clothes into a Professional Wardrobe

Today’s post is written by Maggie, a writer and marketing gal living in Indianapolis. New to the professional world, she likes to help others ease into the career world. Off the clock, she enjoys cooking, spending time with friends, and CrossFit. 

A graduating college senior is tasked with many things: capstones, grad school applications, job applications, and at the top of the list: finding time to sleep!
One important thing that the typical senior doesn’t think about is transforming their college wardrobe into a professional one. You need more than jeans and a hoodie once you land a job. Once you’re a senior, start thinking about adding professional attire to your wardrobe little by little —  by graduation day, you will have the start of a professional wardrobe to get you through those first few months.
If you don’t plan ahead for a professional wardrobe, you will probably be left with sweats, hoodies, jeans, and the occasional sparkly tank top or dress that is more appropriate for the weekends.
This could leave ou stressed and searching for the perfect professional outfit the night before your big interview – rather than doing your homework and researching the company. Don’t let it happen to you!

Here are five tips to transform your college clothes into a professional wardrobe!

1. Start with the basics.

On a college budget, it’s not reasonable to think that you can go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. However, getting a few basic items, such as black pants, a pencil skirt, a blazer, and a couple nice blouses will get you well on your way.

2. Accessorize.

Once you have the basics, a little accessorizing can add personality to your outfit — and help these basics turn into a plethora of outfit possibilities. Add a splash of color with some jewelry or a nice scarf.

3. The art of tucking it in.

Remember when I mentioned your weekend tank tops and mini dresses? Well, you can’t wear them as is, but try tucking them into a pencil skirt and wearing a blazer over top. This allows you to transform some of the clothes you already have from college to professional style. And the best part is you can just pull off the blazer and you’re ready for a night on the town!

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4. Find the bargains.

When it comes to professional clothes, even the basics get a little pricey. Try secondhand shops or browsing the clearance racks. You never know what you might find, and you will be glad you looked (your wallet will, too)!

5. Don’t forget to have fun.

Sure, you are a professional now, but don’t forget what makes you unique. It might be those cat eye shades or a French-style beret. Whatever it is, try to keep your fun fashion pieces. If you can’t work them into a professional wardrobe, then at least you can wear them during the weekend!

How did you transform your college clothes into a professional wardrobe?

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