How To Stand Out In A Job Interview
One of the most popular posts these days is How I got here: A young professional’s journey to a job she loves. I wanted to share with you one of the comments, which included a question for Melanie, a Manager of Social Recruitment and Employment Branding at Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market, Inc.
Melanie provided more great tips in her answer so I wanted to share it with you! Hope you also find it helpful!

Dear Melanie Tom,
I absolutely loved this post! I cannot agree enough with you that internships are a valuable resource, not only to add to one’s resume, but also to contribute and enhance a person’s experiences and knowledge.

In May I will be graduating, so interviews and job searching are all that’s on my mind!

My question to you is how you prepared for your interview at Disney? I notice that you said your credentials did not add up to other candidates’, so what do you think helped give you the upper hand in landing the job?

What other factors do you think employers consider when interviewing applicants? Any tips for how to stand out at a job interview?

Tips for How to Stand Out at a Job Interview

I prepared for my Disney interview by doing my research and homework on The Walt Disney Company and specifically the actual segment (Disney Consumer Products) I was interviewing for so I could get a better understanding of the fundamentals of how the organization operates.
Although I lacked the Business/HR acumen that Disney was seeking, I knew I could draw different examples on how my Sociology background and skills gained from my sorority were transferable in the business world.

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What ultimately gave me the upper hand was not just my solid examples of how I could translate my skills, but also my ambition and high drive; traits they were looking for in their ideal candidate.
Employers look for candidates that are articulate, ambitious, and passionate as they want to distinguish and identify individuals that will excel within the organization. If you possess those 3 qualities, you’re already captivating to Recruiters and Hiring Managers.
Employers don’t want to hire individuals who are unmotivated to advance in their career or only want the job for the ‘time being’- employers do consider retention and turnover in their recruiting assessments.

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Lastly, another important factor employers consider is whether or not the candidate is a cultural fit to not just the team but the overall organization as a whole. It’s important that the newest addition to the team is a dynamic asset. Hope this helps and best of luck to you on your job search! Stay focused, and be sure to be confident!

What’s your advice? How do you prepare for interviews? What tips do you have for how to stand out at a job interview? 

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