How to Shop When You Really Hate Shopping
We all know that shopping for that perfect outfit can be hard. From trying on clothes in dressing rooms to finding the right size, it can all be a little overwhelming sometimes, especially when you are looking for something you really need, right? That’s why it is important to have a plan before you enter the store and to really understand how to shop.
Whether you love or hate to shop for clothes, there are a few guidelines which will make shopping more productive and much less exhausting.

Here is how to shop when you really hate shopping:

1. Shop alone.

Unless your shopping partner is able to determine what looks great on YOU, and not what she likes, you will end up spending money on items you will unlikely wear, and I know this because of all the times a client has told me the history of her closet’s unworn and unloved mistakes.
As an example, let’s say your shopping sidekick loves to wear floral prints in bright neon colors, so she urges you to try on a top or dress that meets her personal choices. Now she cannot stop shrieking with delight, urging you to buy this colorful beauty, while you look and feel like a tropical drink at a Tiki bar.
Despite knowing in your gut, that this is not what you should buy, you do not want to disappoint your beaming pal and ruin a fun, or let’s just get it over with, day. Besides, the salesperson can’t stop telling you how terrific you look.

2. Trust Your Gut.

Don’t let a complete stranger, who makes commission, tell you how great you look. Yes, your butt might actually look big, but it is doubtful she or he will tell you the truth.
Of course, there are some great salespeople and be sure to shop with them whenever possible, but unless you know she or he will be completely honest and creative with you, put on some earplugs and trust your gut. I promise that your first reaction to how you look is the one that counts.

3. Don’t Leave Your Dressing Room.

If you can, try not to leave the dressing room. There you are in the dressing room, but you need to see how you look from all sides before you can decide if this is the outfit for you.  No problem, all you have to do is step out of your dressing room and take a look in the three-way mirror all the rooms share.
Then you hear those reassuring words; “Oh Honey, that looks wonderful on you!” In case you couldn’t hear her, as you were too busy jumping up and down trying to see how you would look in heels, a neighboring customer also tells you how wonderful you look. SOLD. 
So what if the color is all wrong, and you are having a hard time breathing in this outfit as your lungs and stomach are being corralled into place by unyielding threads.  Two strangers love it on you and despite the fact that one of them happens to be on commission, you now love this outfit on you as well. You love it, because their compliments have caused you to unconsciously become attached, and have clouded your ability to make your own decision. So stay in your dressing room, avoid unnecessary comments and only buy it if you love it and feel comfortable and confident in it yourself.
Note: Be aware that stores deliberately place three-way mirrors in communal spaces, so that you get the ‘compliments’ from strangers and salespeople that will seal the deal.
If you do have to step out so you can see how you look from behind, listen to music or pretend to be on a call. Do whatever it takes to avoid being influenced by strangers.

Any other tips on how to shop when you hate shopping?

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