How to Market Authentically & What Most Businesses Do Wrong

Today, we are going to talk about how to market authentically. When you spend all your time pushing or promoting your products, people can tell you aren’t authentic. And to be honest, it doesn’t work. Instead, you need to focus on what you love and what you have to offer other people. Sharing your message should be 100% authentic. When you do this, your purpose will shine through, and people will trust you and want to work with you.

The Fundamental Rule of Marketing

It’s important that your clients know you, like you, and trust you. Don’t just open your sales page and expect people to buy. It can be days, weeks, or years before someone actually pays you. We have to know this as we grow our business. This is how you market authentically because you aren’t pushing a product or service on them. You are just gaining trust from the people who are following you.

  1. How can people know you more?
  2. How can people like you more?
  3. How can they trust you more?

The Best Indicator of Your Future Growth

Your best indicator of success is that you are engaging with others on a daily basis. Are you helping them? Ask yourself these questions every single day to evaluate whether you are on the right path for future growth.

  1. Did I help one person today?
  2. Did I create new free valuable content today?
  3. How many times did I hear ‘thank you’ today? If you keep doing this daily, you’ll start to hear thank you. This is a great thing!
  4. Did I tell one person about my business today? There is always an opportunity to tell people what you do and who you help.

How to Gain Trust with Stories

Do you know what I try to do at the beginning of every training video in CRP 2.0? Share a story that relates to the topic I am about to teach! When you tell people a story, they change their mindset. They sit back and relax and listen in for story time. If your listeners lean into your story, they will learn the concept you are teaching much quicker.

Every time you are going to put something out into the world, think of stories that illustrate what are you are going to tell people. Here is a simple template I learned from Stu McLaren that I use when I prepare for a speaking event, FB Live, or video.

  1. Start with a hook. This is the first line of your blog or Instagram post.
  2. Tell a short story that gives the background. Something in your life or a client’s life about what you are about to teach.
  3. Outline. Get into the meat. Share or teach the important things that you really want to get across.
  4. Summarize what you taught.
  5. Give an action that you want your audience to take next.

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What is Wrong with Marketing Right Now

I’ve learned that you have to be honest and not hold back. If something is frustrating you about your market or industry, it might be a sign you need to write or talk about it. Here are five mistakes too many businesses make when marketing.

1. Modeling other people’s exact templates and not thinking for yourself.

I encourage you to do a lot of thinking for yourself. You can’t copy someone else’s exact business. It will always backfire because you are unique and different. Build your own business your way to stand out from the rest. Go against the norm and do something different.

2. There’s always a catch.

Instead of a catch, just provide great value. Interview others and spotlight others in your industry with no strings attached. Support others and learn by being around experts in your industry. Help people. Interviewing people with no strings attached is a great way to grow your network and become an expert!

3. People are going big, but are underprepared.

Take those baby steps. You’ll know when it’s time to go big. Prepare. Have notes. Practice, so the quality is good if interviewing others. Know their bios if you are interviewing others. Make them look great! Making a great impression on others in your industry is so important.

4. Flaunting how much money you make instead of how many people you help.

Just because others are sharing income reports, doesn’t mean you have to. Do it in a way that feels right for you. Share the actions you took and the results, including people you helped instead of how much money you made.

5. Forcing other people to promote your stuff.

Other people are not just going to promote your product or service just because you have it. Do a lot of giving out your stuff for free. Give products away. Let people try it. Let influencers and bloggers try it for free. They don’t need to promote it. It’s more important you aren’t pushing your promotion. Surprise people. You’ll be more likely to get a shout out if you aren’t pushing.

How to Rise Above the Noise Online & Market Authentically 

So, how do you stand out? How do you market in a way that is true to who you are and actually help people?

1. Unfollow. Unsubscribe. Lead.

Are you living what you are telling others to do? This is part of being authentic. You need to lead through your stories and experiences. You learn by doing and can connect with your clients by telling them when you were in the same boat, but you stepped up and became an expert/leader.

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2. Be 100% You.

Say no to things that don’t feel good. Don’t be rushed. You’ll attract the people who need to hear you the most when you are 100% yourself.  Your work should feel good.

3. Start sharing HOW not just WHAT.

Many people share WHAT for free, and you have to pay for the HOW. I recommend not worrying about the next step in the funnel. If you can teach people how to do one thing for free, they will want you to teach them how to do the next thing, too and pay you for it because they know they will get results. This is all about building trust.

4. Create a community around your topic or expertise.

Facebook groups are a great way to create a community around your topic. Treat them special. Support people. You can also have a community in your Instagram comments or LinkedIn groups. Or you can take your online connections and make them in person. Create a community in your local area and host meetups or events or workshops.

If you are looking for support from like-minded women, join us in Classy Carer Girl Network on Facebook! We have more than 35,000 women who are building their dream business and careers. We’d love to see you there! 


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