How to Make Your Home a Pinterest-Worthy Space
Your home is your castle, your place of solitude and rejuvenation. Picking the perfect home isn’t easy and neither is decorating it. Your home is more than four walls, a roof, a place to shovel down your breakfast and store all your stuff. Your house should reflect you and your personal style while still beckoning you and visitors to linger longer among its four walls.
It’s a place where family gathers and where memories are made. It should be your favorite place to go and your hardest place to leave. This is the difference between a house and a home and making your house a home isn’t as overwhelming as one might think.
Think of your home as a blank canvas to tell your story. Design and decorate your space with items and elements that make you happy. No need to be too serious or feel like you need to take a cookie-cutter approach to a certain space. Throw caution to the wind as well as any former expectations you have on what is and isn’t acceptable for different rooms. The world is your oyster and the design possibilities are endless. It’s all about mixing and matching, scale, balance, lines, texture, and color to create a cohesive and timeless space that reflects you and your dynamic personality.
Everyone has an eye for style, a personal one that reflects who they are, train that eye, trust it and follow it in the designing of your home – your home is your story and should reflect it, not the pages of a clinical catalog.
Any home enthusiast, fashionista, DIY diva or travel enthusiast will know Pinterest is the most inspiring and desirable place on the internet. A virtual visual board where you are able to curate your favorite things from fashion to home decor. It’s a place to express your creative ideas and aspirations for all aspects of your life, but how do you take your virtual dream boards and bring them to reality, to your own wardrobe or home? Giving your home that Pinterest-feel is a lot easier than it looks. With a few simple guidelines, you can turn your house not just into a home but into a Pinterest worthy home.

How to Make Your Home a Pinterest-Worthy Space

Color & Contrast

How to Make Your Home a Pinterest-Worthy Space
With a myriad of colors to choose from, picking the right color scheme you want for the look and feel of your home can be daunting. In fact, painting alone can be quite a challenging task but a fresh coat of paint can make a significant impact on your space’s mood and feel, and therefore be thought about carefully. The best way to select colors for your house is to use the color wheel as your guideline as it illustrates the relationship between the different colors. This gives you a clearer understanding of how to choose colors the right way and how to work with different shades to achieve the perfect look for your home.
Choose colors that you love, that make you happy and that offer continuity throughout your house. Know that is anything is possible and that you can have the best of both worlds. Don’t be afraid to add special and unique color touches that speak to your personality and your sense of style. When looking at the color wheel there are a few things to consider.
  • Most colors go well together when utilizing the same hues.
  • Colors next to each other on the chart also are appealing when used together.
  • Colors look good when paired with their opposites. (These are known as complementary colors).
How to Make Your Home a Pinterest-Worthy Space
Color psychology also plays a part in picking the perfect color for your home. Color psychology is the study of how our brain perceives color; how each color has a different reaction with our brain and a different way in which we internalize it, thus colors have the power to manipulate our feelings and mood. Every color, whether it is warm, neutral, or cool, are affiliated with certain connotations that have the power to affect us…to make us feel the certain things they stand for.
How colors will contribute to your feelings and mood should contribute to your color choices. You should consider exactly what feelings you want to evoke in certain rooms, do you want to feel joy, creativity, and success or do you want to feel freshness, fertility, and safety? Figuring out what atmosphere you want to feel in each of your rooms should give you some guidance on what colors will best suit them.
There is nothing wrong with mixing different shades from both the cool and warm spectrum as long as you feel they coordinate well and suit your personal style. Use colors and color psychology to enhance your color choices. Remember that this is your space and you have the freedom to decorate as you see fit. Let the colors guide you into creating a space that is not only beautiful to look at but when in it makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Create a welcoming atmosphere with an array of magnificent colors that speak to you. For more tips on picking the colors that are right for you check out this YouTube video below.

Editing & Shelving

Shelving is one of the most common and essential forms of storage seen in almost every home. It does not only do a great job of displaying all your belongings but demonstrates your sense of style and your ability to edit your design finesse. However, shelving can either be a hit or a miss. Shelving can be used either as a place to store odds and ends, cluttering your home with an array of weird trinkets you have collected over the years or be used to display and store important personal belonging and items relative to your space. Whether you’re looking for shelving with a natural look and feel or timber shelving with a more modern aesthetic, there are steps to take in order to ensure there are steps you need to take in order to ensure that you make the best use of your shelves.

Start Fresh

Start off by using what you already own.  Shelving can be rework and redesign only using a few simple design hacks.  However, first, you should remove all the contents off your shelf to reveal its natural framework and design. If you tend to hoard, set up staging areas where, while decluttering your shelves, you can move its contents into different categories such as recycle, donate and trash. This will minimize your chances of re-cluttering your newly redone shelves.

Be Your Own Editor

The job of an editor is tough. Having to eliminate things from a picture in order to achieve an overall look that is effective in its design and function can be difficult, especially when the stuff is your own. However, this step is vital and evaluating items one by one and deciding if they are actually worth the space they take up in your home is an essential step in achieving the ultimate Pinterest-worthy space.  Ask yourself certain questions when determining if this item should stay or go.
  • How high is the item’s sentimental value?
  • When last did you utilize the items function?
  • How will this item fit in with the overall look you hope to achieve?
The key to a great Pinterest home is good editing It’s important to know what look you are aiming for within your space; are you looking to create a filled and busy space or one that’s more modern and minimalist. These are all questions you need to ask yourself.


After editing the content of your shelves it’s important to group your saved items into categories. These categories are entirely up to you and are dependent upon the shelves purpose and room in question. If the shelve functionality is more important to the space than its design, then your categories will be different. Categories will be used to help you create a visual inventory of all the things you’re going to put back on your shelves. You can categorize these items into various categories such as:


Like most things in interior design, it’s important to be clear and consistent. Having a color palette is no different. It’s important to have a color palette already implemented within the room, however, don’t be afraid to experiment and bend the rules within the chocolorlour pallet. Use that color palette to help you make choices about certain items for your shelf.


They say that size doesn’t matter but in this instance size is everything. Too many tiny trinkets on your shelf can look cluttered, messy and be overly stimulating to look at. You are trying to create a cohesive look that appears natural and lived, in but still contains some kind of creative order. It’s good to have a mix-match of sizes on your shelf as they bring about different levels and a higher interest peak.


Once you’ve cleared your shelving contents and you’re looking at your bare framed shelving and don’t like what you see, don’t hesitate to give the shelf a varnish, sand or fresh coat of paint. Small differences can bring about a whole new look to your shelves as well as new ideas of the trinkets to place on it. A new shelf trend making its way through Pinterest is the dressing up of the shelves with a quirky wallpaper, paint color, or texture. This design feature is super effective at introducing some subtle hints of color and brings the viewer’s attention to the content on the shelf. It also creates a sense of depth and can provide a complementary or contrasting element to the room.


Variety is the part of styling that grants so much freedom. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different decor items. Objects, art, sculptures, books, collections and even plants provide a healthy mix of organic and synthetic to create a harmonious look. These objects add personality and allow you to express your design creativity. They create depth and give insight to visitors as to who you are and where your passions lie.


Plants have the incredible power to give life to an entire room. They are symbolic reminders of nature and help to purify the air. They are this year’s must-have home accessory and you can never have too many.

A Balanced Space

Having a good eye for the interior isn’t just about making great stuff look great; it’s about externalizing how you see the world through the concept of balance. The balance of smooth vs texture, heavy vs light, color vs neutrals, old vs new, and warm vs cool.
The texture makes things interesting. It’s all about what you love. Some people love perfect symmetry while others prefer things slightly off-center. Knowing what you like and what works is all about trial and error. The trick to a well-balanced room: keep the flow of your room moving so your eye doesn’t rest in one dominant area.


The right lighting in a room has the ability to change not only the mood and feel of a space but also the space’s perceived size. Placement and type of lights are all-important aspects of interior design. They work in conjunction with color, texture, and position to bring the room together.

Directional Lighting

Lighting in a room can either provide illumination for the entire room or highlight specific elements. Special pictures, mirrors, and features within your space can be further highlighted through the use of directional lighting, either fixed or hung from the ceiling. This is a great way to bring warmth into your space as well as show snippets of your personality and what it is that you deem valuable.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is a win for any room, however, too much and not enough can completely change the room’s feel and space size. Natural lighting has a huge impact on the desired feel of a space, however, this design element isn’t as easy to change as some other elements, and requires a fair bit of money to start adding windows into your already built house. Despite skylights and mirrors will help reflect already existing light into a room and make the space feel lighter, brighter and bigger. If a room that feels too light, and you want to generate more warmth and security, there are ways. With the application of frosted or tinted glass, you can add shape and depth to your home’s natural lighting. Use different design shapes or elements within the frosted glass to take your design flair to the next level.
When taking on the challenge of decorating your home remember that you are ‘making’ a home and that it’s something that is curated over time. It is an intimate exercise, a personal one, and one exercise that should be executed with love, passion, and excitement. Your home is a personal representation of you and your family. It should be filled with things that you love, memories you’ve made and the blueprint for future adventures. It should be filled with items that remind you who you are, what you love, where you’ve been, and where you plan to go. It should evolve over time and just like a good bottle of red, it will just get better with age.

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